The Mask of Zorro

After a long day Hubby and I were getting ready for bed. I had smoothened my moisturiser on my face, massages my feet with body lotion and was about to turn off my bed lamp when he asked me:

  • Why are you sleeping like that ?
  • Like what ?
  • Like that ! You look like Zorro with your mask .
  • Well I can’t sleep . All night long the green from the LED of the AC remote glints eerily when I turn to the right . And when I sleep on my back the red LED from the Set Top Box stares unblinkingly at me . And all over the place there’s a weird blue light from the LED on the emergency ringer .
  • What is the Emergency ringer ?
  • It’s a bell that rings in case case of an emergency if your father needs us in the night .
  • You’re weird. Good night Zorro .

The next morning after a blissful sleep , I was greeted by a grumpy Hubby who couldn’t sleep a wink thanks to our disco lighting.

Barely concealing my glee, I asked him

  • What happened?
  • Couldn’t sleep a wink last night. Blasted light kept shining on my face.
  • Oh ! I told you it was impossible. That’s why I fished out the eye mask.
  • Can you find one for me too ? I can’t spend another sleepless night .

I went to the cupboard where I’d stashed away all the eye masks collected from my various flights and handed him one .

Tonight there’ll be two of us lying side by side wearing masks of Zorro !

Sharing my thoughts this Monday morning with Corinne at #MondayMusings.

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