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April 18th was Akshay Tritiya, the hottest day in the year. It is a sign that summer is definitely here.

My friend Nergish Dalal ( may God rest her soul) used to playfully call it Akshay Chutiya ( a terribly offensive and vulgar word that defies translation but which my Indian readers will understand). I wasn’t offended by her disrespectful moniker for this day that actually translates as the day of everlasting, never ending joy and prosperity. This is because I think one had to be crazy to stay on in Mumbai during the summer.

But honestly, I love Mumbai in the summer especially in the month of May.

This is the time when the children are home because of the holidays. So it means no more long waits in traffic snarls. It means no more homework. It means no more getting ready for school in the mornings. It means a lot of peace.

Because of this, many people go out of town.

So no schools and less people means less traffic on the road. It is really the perfect time to enjoy the lovely Mumbai roads that aren’t yet dug up because of the Metro project.

May is also the time when the servants/domestic staff run off to their villages to either help with the planting or fixing up leaky roofs before the rains. This means that you have the option of ordering in meals or fixing them up yourself.

Or of course, you can eat out at one of the numerous restaurants that are mushrooming every day in every locality to suit every palate and every wallet.

Starting today, I will bring you a series of posts on how to have the perfect Mumbai Summer.

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