Month: May 2018


Thank You for the world so sweet #GratitudeCircle

Why should you do a gratitude post? I often wonder why I should do a Gratitude Post. Doesn’t it sound a bit like bragging ? And when I was little we were encouraged to keep things under wraps, downplay our successes and keep a low profile lest we attract the evil and envious eyes of …

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Morning walkers #WordlessWednesday

A cheery sight on a morning walk

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Sunset through a summer haze #SkywatchFriday

A weak sun dissipates the haze at sunset


What is your blog hosting service ?

Oh no! I seem to be having some problems in my blogging journey again!   This morning I got a renewal notice from my current blog hosting service provider. This means that I once again have to think about which service to use. Blog host and domain host When I began blogging all those years …

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Behind a truckload of fish #WordlessWednesday

While I was dumb struck waiting behind a truckload of fish being unloaded, there sure was a lot of noise around ! Sharing this video on #WordlessWednesday hosted by Esha and Natasha


From A to Z : Blogs I like to read

Before you read one more word, be  warned that this is going to be one long post. So if you have the patience, settle down with a cup of tea and be prepared to click open several blogs that you may just want to visit…. In the beginning I have been blogging for many years …