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5 Tips to improve your creative writing on your blog #GuestPost

There are some bloggers  for whom creative writing seems a breeze. Words flow fluidly from their pens. They spin perfect yarns that have you hooked from the first word. Poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction (at times) any kind of narrative that is non-journalistic comes easily to them.

Is there some magic formula?

Well, in  a #Guest Post, Eleanor Cains, a Creative Writing Specialist, shares just 5 easy tips that will help you improve your creative writing on your blog.


Blogging is so much fun, but how do you improve your creative writing on your blog? I’ve got a few tips up my sleeve, from reading, talking, planning and editing to finding your inspiration.

I’ve even got advice on getting old-fashioned with a pen and notebook, and how to remove pen stains from clothes when the inevitable happens! Read on for five top tips:

  1. Get away from the screen

Blogging involves writing on a device and publishing on the Internet. But if you stay glued to your screen the whole time, it will be much harder to come up with great ideas for your blog. Get out into the real world and look to nature, people and your local area for inspiration on what to write about. Take a notebook with you to jot down ideas, and don’t worry if you get carried away and end up with ink stains on your sleeve – you can easily learn how to remove pen stains from clothes.

  1. Read, read, read

The more you write, the easier it becomes. But you can fast track your progress by reading lots of different blogs. All good writers are good readers and learning from others will improve your work. You’re not going to copy other people, but rather be inspired by their technique and style. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when reading blogs:

• What works really well?

• How does the writer achieve that?

• What doesn’t work so well, and why?

  1. Talk, talk, talk

Just like reading is important to improve your creative writing skills, so too is talking. I love to talk! But chatting can actually have a really great impact on your writing. Listening to other people’s ideas, learning from them and even discovering what other people want to read about are all really useful tools to have in your writer’s kit.

  1. Make a plan

As for structuring your writing, blogging is as much of a skill as writing an essay or a novel. You’ll need a beginning, middle and end. You’ll need to think about what to include, and what to leave out. With blogging in particular it’s all too easy to write without any plan, and it soon becomes a meandering stream of consciousness that’s difficult for anyone else to read. Decide what you want to write about first, outline the order of your points, and then start writing. It will be much more succinct and easier to read.

  1. The importance of editing

It’s rarely the case that the first thing anyone writes is the finished article. Editing is just as important as creating. By all means go ahead and let your creative juices flow as you write freely. But then read back through your work and be ruthless with your editing. Just remember: good enough is good enough. It’s better to get something out there than spend years “perfecting” one blog post!

Take these five tips on board and enjoy a new approach to creative writing on your blog!

Now that seems easy enough doesn’t it? 

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12 Comments on “5 Tips to improve your creative writing on your blog #GuestPost

  1. Practical tips. I need to work on “making a plan”. Most of the times, I write impromptu and then end up being lost in the my own post. I then have to invest a lot of time in editing the post. Now I know that better way out. Thanks for that.

  2. I follow most of these points to a certain extent. But well.there is still scope for improvement. I ‘ve really start my posts the traditional.way with a pen and paper. Nothing like a smooth pen that moves on paper to release those thoughts. I then type and edit on word doc and finally it’s up on my blog.

    1. I too believe that writing by hand is better for the flow of thought . But then writing on the keyboard always wins for the sheer ease of copy pasting !

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