What is your blog hosting service ?

Oh no! I seem to be having some problems in my blogging journey again!


This morning I got a renewal notice from my current blog hosting service provider. This means that I once again have to think about which service to use.

Blog host and domain host

When I began blogging all those years ago, I used MSN and then Blogspot. But I was told that if I needed to monetize my blog I should go self hosted.

So I think it was two years ago that I decided to go self hosted .  I registered my domain with Go.Daddy. I paid for this in INR.

But my blog was still not going anywhere so I used the services of Tanya of Blogelina and she helped me with migrating my blog from CurryMeMumbai to Mumbaionahigh and also bought a hosting plan from . These services were paid for in USD. Tanya continued with GoDaddy for the domain registration.

My domain registration is up for renewal in the first half of 2019.

My hosting provider has asked me to renew my subscription for hosting my blog middle of July this year.

The question is now twofold

  1. Do I change my blog host ? ie. should I change from webhostinghub
  2. Do I have the same blog host and domain registrar? i.e. should I go with Go Daddy so that both the blog host and domain host are the same service provider.

I thought I’d ask around my blogger friends who their providers were. And I was amazed .

Each and everyone of them had a different service provider !

I didn’t even know that there were that many providers.

And now I am more confused !

Because the three service providers asked me questions like which package did I want Linux or Windows?

And the prices were different too.

So I am again in a blogging quandry.

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  1. Hey ! Even Go daddy provides a combine best service for hosting and gives out domain names for free in some condition do check out their Plans for more info. They do have separate plans for Bloggers too. Happy blogging till then…

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