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Before you read one more word, be  warned that this is going to be one long post.

So if you have the patience, settle down with a cup of tea and be prepared to click open several blogs that you may just want to visit….

In the beginning

I have been blogging for many years now. It could be 10 or even more. Frankly, I’ve tried many different things from the first time I ever wrote a blog . What started out as just a way to write has now become a passion – and if Hubby Dear had his way- it has become an Obsession.

And this obsession seems to have got worse ever since I got a smart phone . I seem to reach out to it every free moment and peep into my blog . How many people have visited it ? How many people have commented ?

Most times I’m disappointed but that doesn’t stop me from peering into my phone. Checking to see what’s happening and what’s not.

Over the years, I’ve stumbled upon many wonderful blogs and bloggers. I love visiting their sites and reading what they have to say.

My personal list of blogs from  A to Z

A is for

Akswrites – If you are looking for a feminist who tells a tale, then look no further than Akshata’s blog. This spunky young mother who combines a career with blogging and of course everything else, exemplifies the young woman of today. Visit her blog and you can see why I keep going back for more of her  untold stories .

A cooking pot and twisted tales – This delightful blog of poems, thoughts and photos blogs from Dubai. I can’t remember when I began following Jaqueline Obykocha but I always feel strangely calmed when I visit her blog.

Anami’s Pensieve– I have been visiting this blog from time to time but this year I was particularly hooked on to her exercise program. Do look it up and you will see why.

B is for

Bespectacled Mother – A quiet and shy ( so it would seem to me ) young mum from Bangalore who blogs about children’s books that she reads with her adorable little Dhruv. It is thanks to her detailed reviews of toddler and baby books that I could update my reading list and keep my own grandchildren in  tune with today’s literature. Anamika has currently relocated to the UK and I look forward to her adventures with D in their new world.

Blisters, bunions and blarney – Now who wouldn’t be captivated with a name like that? This occasional blogger from the UK has been on my radar for quite a while. I enjoy reading her ” chronicles of a journey from life in a secondary school in the north of England, to a life living closer to nature in Spain.”

C is for

Chicinitie– I was attracted to this blogger from Milan simply because I’d spent some lovely times in this delightful city. An American currently  in Dubai  shares stories of her travels to exotic lands with gorgeous photographs and plenty of helpful information.

Canvas with Rainbow – A single visit to this blog by Anagha had me hooked. Her light hearted take on life, heart warming ruminations, quirky sense of humour , insightful analyses and well plotted stories make her a versatile blogger to follow.

D is for

Debbie Dog Lady – I was fascinated by the title of the blog because I am a dog lover and miss having a dog in my life. Debbie is as far removed from my world as possible – living in Canada. But I love her stories about her travels and her life in a boarding school and sometimes enjoy the music she talks about and shares.

Diary of a Dublin Housewife – Ireland plays a big part in my life simply because my sister-in-law has deep ties with that country. I came across Bernadette and her blog during last year’s A to Z but was particularly charmed by her A to Z theme this year. Weight loss has always been a constant in my life so I could relate to most of her posts this year.

Damyanti writes is actually the blog of a serious writer and I learn a lot from her writings.

E is for

Everyday Gyaan – Ah Corinne, the lady behind this blog is someone who has changed my life forever. I first  met this ultimate blogger at a Blogadda workshop. Meeting her was providential because it opened up an entirely new universe for me. I became a member of her Write Tribe and learnt all about blogging by shamelessly picking up cues from her. Everyday Gyaan is inspirational, motivational and also educative. But much more is the support that I get from Corinne’s regular comments.

F is for

From MyHorizon – This is one of the first blogs I’ve ever followed . Christina is a blogger from Sweden and I discovered her on SkywatchFriday, the first meme I ever followed. I was intrigued by her title Boring Postcards and over the years I have enjoyed her captures of her urban world. I love the way she shares her travels round the world as well. Do see her latest post and you will probably get a sense of why I visit her blog every week.

G is for

Godyears – Everybody knows Roshan, the legendary doctor from Kerala who shares wonderfully inspirational stories on his blogs. He is a published author and  one of the few male bloggers I follow . I look forward to reading about his adventures in the medical world and beyond. Often I am moved to tears by his stories of ordinary heroes.

H is for

Happiness and food – Parul’s  detailed travel accounts and stories of her world used to make me think she was a journalist. I later found out that she is a multi faceted personality. Currently I am participating in her photo feature #ThursdayTreeLove.

Hypervigilant mom –  I can’t remember what drew me to this blog. Perhaps it was the theme of adoption which has always fascinated me. Casey has not only adopted two children but is also having problems dealing with one of the children. Her story is an amazing story of grit, determination and love.

I is for

Inderpreet’s Eloquent Articulation – What kind of a blog is that, I thought, intrigued by the name itself. I soon found out when I visited Inderpreet’s blog. Mainly a book reviewer, I kind of lost steam visiting her blogs not because I don’t like book reviews but largely because I don’t have time to read them! However, I enjoy Inderpreet’s blog particularly her posts on the #WATWB that have introduced me to several unusual people.

J is for

Jen Seriously – Sometimes even when someone is far removed from you, there is something that you can connect with. Jen seriously is one such blog I found a treat to visit. Apart from her content, I find her strategy and approach very clever and fascinating. Visit her latest post and you will find out why. With every visit I learn some more.

Jaipurthrumylens – I owe ARV the blogger behind this wonderful photoblog a major apology for not including this blog in my lineup. If truth be told, I mistakenly thought the blog was called ARV! I’ve always loved the stunning captures of sunrises and sunsets and many other local events from ARV’s camera.

K is for

Kohl Eyed Me – A bubbly, enthusiastic blogger from all over India, I first met Kohl Eyed Me when she was one of  A tale Of Two Tomatoes. Honestly, there were times when I actually had tears flow down my cheeks as  I followed her hilarious tales as an Army wife. Since then, I’ve been a major fan of hers and follow her blog diligently.

Kaapitimes – How can I ever forget the cute, charming stories of Dia and Sameer? I met this couple through their creator Lata Sunil and her blog. Even though Lata has now shifted mainly to book reviews, she occasionally comes up with a winner of a story that stirs your heart and leaves you with a smile.

Kalpanaawrites– Last year’s challenge introduced me to this blogger who bared her heart out in her blog about divorce. Now that is a unique category I thought. Most people write about love. Who writes about divorce? And that too so openly in a ‘puritanical’ country that believes everyone is ‘immaculately conceived’?

L is for

Lady Fi – An Englishwoman living  in Sweden enchants me every week with her stunning photos of the sky. Occasionally her  adorable feature in her posts making her blog one of my favourites on #SkywatchFriday.

Lonely Canopy – To be quite honest, I found this blogger only this year. But Seema Misra’s illustrations have a haunting quality that draw you to them and I can see her becoming one of the bloggers I’d like to follow…..

M is for

Metanoia – Praises have been showered upon Shilpa by several readers and a visit to her blog will show you why.  A young, enthusiastic blogger from Navi Mumbai who has a light breezy style that is enchanting.  I was so fascinated by her blog that I actually wanted to meet the person behind the blog and stopped by on one of my trips to Pune and met with her. It was a fulfilling experience to make a virtual friend into a real one. I am so happy that she is co-hosting with me on #FlavoursomeTuesdays even though she is not a dedicated food blogger.

Miss Talkaholic – Me and fashion? Me and a girl younger than my daughters? Strangely, I was drawn to this bubbly young fashionista from Delhi who talks all about fashion. And she does it well. Do stop by her blog and see for yourself!

Me, otherwise – I’m not really into book reviews but I enjoy visiting Ramya’s blog from time to time. I can’t exactly pin point what it is that draws me to her blog. Her logo? The clean look of the blog? Or the world around her that she captures so deftly?

Modern gypsy – Tarot cards and mystic paintings. There’s something magical about Shinjini’s blog be it her monthly tarot reading or her inspirational ramblings.

My soul talks – How can I forget the soulful  Esha  who shares her gorgeous  sky  every #SkywatchFriday? And when she finds a little time in her busy day, she shares her thoughts in exquisite prose.

N is for

Natasha musing – I discovered Nataasha’s blog during the A to Z last year and since then I’ve been captivated by her breezy style and her never say die attitude.

O is for

Obsessive Mom – Sometimes you find someone when they find you. A chance comment on my blog by the Obsessivemom, led me to find out more about her and her life with two adorable children.

P is for

Pixelated Tales – My favourite Yoga girl from Australia who leaves me envious of her perfect yoga poses. Rajalakshmi is a fantastic photographer too and her pictures will have you calling your travel agent to take your right there right now

That Pune Chic – I am a native Punekar having been born there. I also visit it fairly regularly since my parents still live there. Whenever I feel nostalgic for a bit of Pune life, I visit this blog and get my fix.

R is for

Ramblin’ with AM – Alana is one of my early virtual friends. I was drawn to  her “photography, flowers, gardening, travel, caregiving, a brother in law with autism, the importance of chocolate in a well lived life, or anything else ” from her  life in upstate New York.

S is for

Stories & more – Serendipity is once again responsible for the discovery of this delightful blogger who posts on  variety of entertaining topics at

Shalzmojo – Another discovery from last year’s A to Z, Shalz is another enthusiastic blogger whose zest for life comes through her writing. Apart from her travel tales and lifestyle musings, I enjoy reading her comments on my blogs which actually make me think about what I wrote!

Something’s Cooking – Attractive photographs and easy to follow recipes of everyday food distinguish this blog from other food blogs. Another delightful blog from the irrepressible Shalini who now also has an adorable puppy to follow on MuffyTails.

R is for

Relax NRave – Kala, the talented architect has a knack with words be they a rant or a rave.

A Rose is a rose is a rose – Shilpa is another blogger whose versatility amazes me. Book reviews, travel tales, life hacks, inspirational stories : you can find them all at this one stop shop.

T is for

Travelling – I would say this blog from the Philippines is the definitive blog for serious travellers. Well researched and easy to read, I enjoy my armchair travel by visiting this blog regularly.

Trina looks back –  Balaka from Mumbai is one blogger I am keen on meeting. During this year’s A to Z challenge, I loved meeting the different people she met in her life through her brilliant characterisation. I also follow her travels and musings which often leave me with a chuckle and a smile.

Travel with intent – Debbie Smyth has me wondering where she really is because every day, she posts a stunning photograph from a different part of the world.

Twinkling Tina – who cooks up lovely stories and shares cute pictures of her adorable Bluey is one blogger I love to visit. Unfortunately I can’t always find her #FridayFotoFiction prompt and that drives me nuts.

V is for

Vaayadi  Pennu which I’m more familiar with as Pins & Ashes –  A young blogger from all over the place…. I can’t track this one as she posts from wherever she is. Most of her posts are whimsical and I love trying to figure out what she is thinking of when she clicks that picture……What does Vayadi Penu mean anyway?

Vishalbheero who I follow mainly because of his stories of Pune college life has a passion for film. He also is intensely homesick for India and often writes nostalgic pieces of his university days. His forays into creative fiction are like reading screen plays or stories with the potential of being translated into film.

W is for

Word Dreams –  I bumped into Jacqui Murray and Word Dreams during last year’s A to Z. This year I decided to follow her as diligently as I could (and would encourage serious bloggers to follow her) for her writing tips. I find her blog amazingly informative and entertaining as well.

Y is for

Yen for blue – As the last letters of the alphabet come up, it is even more difficult to find blogs and bloggers with names beginning with them. I was lucky in finding Archana with her yen for blue because it combines my interest in Pune ( my birthplace) and my love for nature. I discovered her during last year’s A to Z challenge and was immediately hooked by her Indian herbs. She is a physaiotherapist by profession .  I’ve been drawn to her blog by her deep knowledge of plants and trees.

Thankfully there are no blogs beginning with Q, U, X and Z so that’s less words to read.

As a disclaimer, let me assure you that this is not a comprehensive list of the bloggers I like to read. If I’ve missed you out please do excuse my memory . Also my computer is beginning to protest that it’s worked too hard on this one!

Cheers all and hope you continue to remain on my TBR bloggers list.

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Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. Wow! All my favourite blogs are here and must add a few more in my reading list from your list. Thanks for the mention. Truly appreciate it ?

  2. This was quite a long list of bloggers out of which some were new and interesting to me. I will refer to this post again in order to explore these new blogs. And thank you for mentioning me ?

  3. Thanks Sunita for adding me to your favourite blogs list. And there are so many I would like to try out. It is encouragement from you that I am working on my writing though I am not putting them on the blog 🙂 Am glad my stories touch you.

  4. What a blog list you have! Some I have discovered; others will await further exploration. I am honored that you included me!

    1. Actually there are many more I’d have liked to include but my computer was playing up as I went back and forth with all the link ups. Besides I didn’t want to make it so long that people would get fed up and leave . Glad you stopped by

  5. OMG…cant believe this, Sunita! Thank you for including Canvas with Rainbow in your list. Indebted!
    The list here has many names that I follow too. Now will check out the rest as well.

  6. My my! That’s quite a post, Sunita! And thank you so much for the mention! It’s an honour, really. But, whenever I read your posts, I wish I could write like you do!

  7. I love it! You absolutely made my day. If I was not in HR (studied Engineering too), I would be a news reader or a journalist. That’s what I think I could have done. And see here – you mention that without me sharing. Super cool! <3
    I can’t stop smiling. thank you and yes, that’s an amazing list and most blogs here are the ones I too love to read. Hugs!
    Parul Thakur recently posted…A road trip to Arunachal, Assam and MeghalayaMy Profile

  8. A looong list of blogs, some I have come across during the #BlogchatterA2Z chatter and the others I’m going to explore over time. So happy and humbled to be a part of this list.

    Thanks for shining the spotlight on so many blogs 🙂

    Seema – Freelance Artist & Writer
    Lonely Canopy

  9. This is some post Sunita and I am wondering at the motivation behind writing it. Thank you so much for the generous shoutout; feels awesome to have praise of such magnitude from a fellow blogger. I am happy to hear my words connect with you; hope to meet you soon someday! Cheers 🙂

    1. Well, there is no hidden agenda save piggybacking on the AtoZ label that is trending. Perhaps I should have used this as my theme for next year’s challenge and featured interviews of the different bloggers mentioned here.
      I do hope you come to my city sometime and that we will be able to meet…..

  10. Sunita, I’m not a regular commentator on your blog even though I want to because the WP doesn’t allow me to comment! Probably because you are on .org plan! So I just leave a like unless I log in from desktop/laptop!

    Your list has many bloggers that I follow and read. I have also met many of them personally. It’s a list of some of the great bloggers that I have come across.

    1. Thanks ARV . I enjoy your blogs too . I just couldn’t remember the name ( I kept think it was ARV )but if I’d remembered you’d have definitely made J . Thanks also for explaining why you only leave likes . Those work well too for me so keep on liking 🙂

  11. This is indeed a pretty good list of some of the best blogs around. I am honored to be included in this list. Thanks a bunch Sunita. Your blog and you yourself are an inspiration. Fly high, always!

  12. Bookmarking this post straight away. There are so many bloggers I haven’t visited yet and I love finding new blogs to read.
    Thank you so much for the mention. Felt so good to see my name there ??
    I will be coming back to this post ?

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