Losing it – why not I?

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Losing weight is a losing battle.

At least it is for me.

There was a time when reportedly my mother would rejoice when I put on a gram. Today she rejoices when I lose a tenth of that weight.

Why is it that I just can’t lose it ?

My sister-in-law reportedly lost 6 kg in the last month. She looks fabulous in her FB posts.

My neighbour A and her husband B ( those are their real initials I assure you) collectively lost 50 kg between the two of them. He lost 30 and she lost 20.

Anna Shetty has lost 2 kg by just not eating chocolate.

I have lost NOTHING.

No amount of sealing my lips and shaking my hips has worked . I’ve stopped sugar and it’s substitutes. I’ve finished 4 bottles of Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve heartlessly thrown out left overs of Little Po and Wow Dinga instead of wolfing them down . Yet I haven’t lost anything.

In an attempt to halt my expanding waistline, I’ve taken to touching my toes despite the protestation of my lower back . I walk for at least half an hour each day even if it is to the fridge and back.

In the belief that stress slows down my body from metabolising what I eat, I’ve taken to MEDITATION by concentrating on my breath from time to time.

Yet I haven’t lost anything.

So perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me something when I saw this mailer in my Mail box this morning

Should I click the button to know more?

Perhaps I may just lose an inch.

Always a losing battle _

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Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

18 Comments on “Losing it – why not I?

  1. When I switched from weight loss as a goal to fitness that became the magic thing for me. Losing weight after menopause is very challenging because the body wants to hoard the fat!

    I keep challenging myself to keep fit and when I stopped doing my calisthenics this winter and just did walking my back and neck more than stiffened up… I had such bad pain I was having spasms in my back and difficulty turning my head.

    I’ve since restarted back into my calisthenics and stretching and my back and neck are loosening up.

    I try to get a good distance of walking in and for me I tend to max out at 3 miles on a good day.

    I’m pleased with my weight and happy that over the past year and a half to two years I’ve lost the round apple shape I was achieving and have slimmed down.

    Other people may have a quicker loss but I’m playing the long game of life fitness!

    Wishing you focus and success in this!! Keep it up!

    Peace, Tamara
    Tamara recently posted…Time to order Autograph and Summer Memory books!My Profile

  2. I have the same problem that you have. The weight just loves me too much. When I lose it, it peers around corners and finds me again. It won’t stay lost. I am hoping that, perhaps, deleting sugar from my diet will do the trick but maybe it won’t. Fitness may be the best approach for us.

    1. Oh dear ! How terrible it is to go back to the treadmill and weights and stretches and yoga:( . But you’re right ! We mustn’t let the lost pounds find us

  3. Me too Sunita! My metabolism seems to have declared a mega block since past few months. Nothing has changed as far as my routine is concerned, specially in terms of exercise and food intake. But I am now becoming gravitationally challenged day by day.
    I feel the metabolism has recollected an old poem, “rusu bai rusali, koparyat jaun basali” ! Hahaha… and that “kopara” has many places around my waist and tummy line! So now I am the “it” and going to find that hiding metabolism and call it “metabolism out”!
    Had a great fun reading this post Sunita!

  4. I’ve reached a point in my life where staying healthy is more important than losing weight or looking fabulous. And my excuse is that the Gods love me chubby 🙂

  5. I can understand your disappointment but I would suggest a long term picture. Get regular with your exercise regimen. Include a good mix of strength training and cardio. Try to have home cooked meals with portion control. Maintain a food journal to track what you eat and drink. It may look like hard work but once you diligently do it for a few weeks, you will begin to see some changes.

    As far as other people losing weight is concerned, we can’t really compare. Each person has a different metabolism. So just focus on yourself. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Rachna for your sensible advice . I really should stop feeling sorry for myself and get a move on . I will download Bon Happetee a fitness App that helps track my food and exercise. Hope to be 2 kg lighter by the end of June !

  6. Weight is a hard battle. Right now my battle is with emotional eating (actually, it has been for a long time). I was successful with Weight Watchers between 2012 and 2013 and I have the tools. I know what I am doing wrong.

  7. I loved the humor in the post. Like many said, I am more focused on fitness vs weight and that helps me motivate myself to work out every day. Yes, food is a major part of life so one needs to find out what is really impacting. Sometimes, it is less intake of water 🙂
    Good luck!

    1. I’m supposed to drink more water – perhaps the running to the loo will increase my cardio 😉 well I am going to try everything and be fitter !

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