Bricks or Clicks for make-up shopping? #MondayMusings

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Make up with make-up

It all started when I complained to a photographer that my college ID photograph was terrible. With no make-up save my cleanly scrubbed face , perhaps it was a hard task for any photographer. Especially since this photograph pre-dated Photoshop.  The photographer rudely told me that I should look at myself before complaining about the outcome of his talent.

Since then, I’ve relentlessly pursued the path to looking better. I’ve always been a sucker for make-up . They’ve attracted me like a magnet and I can spend hours on a layover between flights  browsing through the Duty Free cosmetic stores. equally I can spend hours looking for the ONE lipstick or make up that will cover up the spots, lighten all the dots and give my mysterious, smoky eyes.

But there are several people, particularly millennials who have no time to spend in brick and mortar stores. For them, is the convenience of shopping online 

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From click to brick?

However, I’m an old fashioned shopper and one of my favourite pastimes is visiting a Mall – particularly on a hot Sunday morning. Walking through Phoenix Malls and its newly renovated Skyzone , I came across Nykaa On Trend . Intrigued by both the content and the concept, I wandered in to find that this back to brick store was a collection of its fastest selling products trending on its online store.

Now isn’t this a fascinating return to the past in the future?

In the evolution of retail trade, roadside stalls and hawkers made way for small shops in local bazaars. Gradually these became more permanent establishments with shops in streets. Then came the Malls with their aggregated stores. And finally the Internet demolished the brick &  mortar stores to Online stores that had customers Click to glory.

Nykaa's On Trend store at Phoenix High Street has shown that retail has once again come back to earth with online stores becoming offline again. Click To Tweet

Sharing these thoughts with Corinne of EverydayGyaan who hosts  #MondayMusings.

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Incidentally, this title was inspired by kalpanaawrite’s piece ” brick and click”  that talks of her online shopping experience.   

Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

14 Comments on “Bricks or Clicks for make-up shopping? #MondayMusings

    1. Somehow I feel however vain it might be to spend on cosmetics, it is a great mood elevator . And you’re right about testing the products before purchase. There are far too many ingredients that can ruin your skin .

  1. Interesting thoughts. I did read that as many online stores are vying for customer attention, they are taking the pop-up store route to draw people in. This is like a hybrid between offline and online.

    1. Online shopping has made life so much easier it’s not surprising that shoppers have changed to clicks. But there are some things I prefer to see before I buy .

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