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When things go missing

I am a creature of habit and hate it when things go missing .

Conditioned reflexes

Normally I never lose things because I always have a routine . When I come home I take off my shoes, I keep away my bag, take off my rings , bangles and watch, wash my hands and then get down to things .

In fact the minute I come home , I’m itching to wash my hands before laying my hands on anything. Perhaps it a conditioned reflex ; because , as a child the moment I stepped in ” Go wash your hands and feet ” was the welcome greeting.

So yesterday when MIL returned home after a 10 day break, she washed her hands and feet and asked for the keys to her cupboard. She also put her things away and settled down.

Mystery of the missing keys

The boys were busy playing and I was gearing up to watch Harry & Meghan’s wedding as was the rest of the world , when Wow Dinga wanted to set up a hat shop. So I had to ask MIL for the keys and gave him the hats to play with. I think it was getting closer to the wedding time when we had to wrap up the game and I kept the hats away and locked up the cupboard .

And that was the last I remember of the keys !

All was well till this morning when we needed the keys and I couldn’t find them.

We’ve been looking for the keys ever since .

I’ve recreated every step, replayed several scenarios, even checked in the freezer to see if I’d kept them anywhere but alas , they’re nowhere to be found !!!!!

In desperation I even rang up Wow Dinga and Little Po who were around when the cupboard was locked. But sadly this is one time when their elephantine memories and sharp observation has failed them.

This is uncannily like the last time I was looking for my entire handbag with my keys in them. I knew I’d kept it in a safe place but just couldn’t remember where . Then finally out of sheer desperation, I opened a cupboard where it was least likely to be kept logically but equally likely logistically, ( close at hand ) and it was there.

So I’m hoping this set of keys will turn up tomorrow in a very unlikely place.

Any guesses where they might be ?

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