A tale of a pickle #FlavoursomeTuesdays

Summer time is mango time in my part of the world. Famous for its sweet, smooth fleshed Alphonso mango, the western coast of India is also famous for the Rajapuri Mango that is specially prized to make a fiery red hot pickle.

My family,like most families in this part of the world, wait patiently for summer when we can gorge on a year’s supply of Vitamins  and other goodies that only nature can provide. In fact my friend VK actually advocates freezing the alphonso mango pulp thus ensuring a year’s supply of a mango a day.

But I’d much rather keep mango as a pickle or as a chutney/jam.

So last week, especially as a dark cloud threatened to turn into rain, I went off to Bhaji Gully to buy 5 kilo of mango to make into pickles and jam/chutney.


Though it was fairly early and the sun was not yet high , it was blazing hot .  So I was happy when Bhau chopped the mango  with practiced ease.

I toodled home as fast as I could and quickly mixed up the mango with spic. By early next morning, the hot oil had cooled and I added it to the spiced mango. I then packed the pickle in little jars and sent them off to various people.

Because, strangely, I don’t eat pickles myself!

My father always banned pickles on our table because he said that pickles were necessary when the food was lousy. And of course my mom took great pride in making sure that the food at our table was always the best.

I personally do keep pickles on the table because they do add to the flavour of certain foods. For instance, the cool, sourish dahi bhat or curd rice really gets a zing when eaten with a spicy mango pickle. Similarly, I enjoy a warm , sweet sheera with a hint of lemon pickle.

But apart from that, the only times that I really had a desire to eat pickle was in my early stages of pregnancy.

That's when I realised that for me, my pickle cravings were a more positive indicator of a pregnancy than a pregnancy test! Click To Tweet

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Now isn’t that a strange pickle story? Do you have any pickle story to share?

Do join Shilpa and me at #FlavoursomeTuesday with your stories of food memories.

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Last year my food blog, Foodities , died a natural death by mere neglect . However, being a foodie, I missed writing about food and memories associated with food . So I began #FlavoursomeTuesdays – a weekly post on food . Soon I found that  an enthusiastic blogger Shilpa of Metanoia  was joining in with her delightful stories .

This encouraged me to launch a Linky party.

Thus , Shilpa and I, BellyBytes started out with #FlavoursomeTuesday. We were both AWOL last month but we hope to be on time from next month.

Incidentally both of us are technically challenged and learning on the go.  So if we do get anything wrong …. please bear with us.

One thing we do assure you is a good time with food and memories .

Do join us for this Pot Luck hosted by us on the first Tuesday of every month. The Linky will be open till the following Monday, giving you a week to join in with your own contribution.

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Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

14 Comments on “A tale of a pickle #FlavoursomeTuesdays

  1. This post is simply yummy! I like having my dahi bhaat with spicy mango pickle. My, just typing these words makes my mouth water!
    I have never been a pickle-making person, except the one time I made lemon pickle under my mil’s watchful eye. I would rather just get the ready-made ones and gorge on those!
    What patience you have, Sunita!! ?
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…A Konkan speciality. #FlavoursomeTuesdaysMy Profile

  2. it seems very tasty and fabulous, little love about your post. Love the way you described little things as you mentioned here in this post. And my fav food dahi parata with pickle. Thanks for sharing nice article.

  3. Pickle as the “preganews”…hahaha thats definitely a story!
    I love pickles. “Bhokarache lonache” that my mother makes is my favourite. Yet another favourite was “Karlya che lonache” that my aunt used to get it from Khamgaon, way back in 1980’s.
    Sunita, i was looking forward to #FlavoursomeTuesdays to start writing again post A to Z Challenge. Thanks for providing the platform.
    My food story this time is, “The Challenge Aftermath, Food and Me”. It can be located at…
    PS: I have linked up the post in the linky as well!

  4. PIckleSS!!! Oh wait I have interesting tales too.. Am going to share it soon here..BUt a point here, dont pickles make a meal complete, irrespective of the food being lousy or good???? :))) My dining table almost always has an array of pickle bottles
    Ramya Abhinand recently posted…An Evening with a Boring BookMy Profile

  5. I like mango pickle too. Until I left my mother land and staying in USA, I haven’t realized how tasty the homemade mango pickle will be. I miss it here though my parents sometimes courier the pickle.

  6. The thought of homemade pickles always leaves me with very fond memories of both my grannies, and my mom who were regulars in making pickles of assorted varieties through most of my childhood years. I always associate vacations with food fun and pickles always tempted me. I loved the tanginess with dal and rice and with boiled potaties and rice with dollops of ghee. Alas! Things have changed so much that we hardly eat pickles now. I do have a few readymade ones from the Mother’s brand but nothing like “ma ke haath ka” or “nani/dadi ke haath ka”! You post actually did make me want to get my hands dirty and prepare my own. 🙂
    Esha recently posted…At the Cape #WordlessWednesdayMy Profile

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