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So now I’m even more confused #ChattyBlogs

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I’m new here to #ChattyBlogs but have been around on this earth and in the blogosphere for a long while . Yet, with all these years of experience there are times when I find it hard to make a decision . A quick decision at that . There are some situations that make me think and ponder . And think and ponder till I get so confused that I can’t think anymore!

But it’s not always like this .

Normally life for me is black or white ; this or that . More often than not it is this or nothing. At least that was the choice my girls had while growing up . Naturally they preferred ‘this’ to ‘nothing’ so it made life so much easier. They ate the food they saw on the table, they wore the clothes I ‘suggested’ to them and they learnt to do what I wanted them to do , rather than the other option ,which was nothing!

Life is actually simpler when there are fewer options. For instance if it is cold and I have only ONE jacket, I just have to wear it . But if I feel that it may just get warm and so I should take a shawl instead , that’s when the trouble starts. Then I have to worry about which shawl to take .

With many choices for ONE task , and with so many jobs to do in a day, things can become difficult. Daughter No. 1 calls this decision fatigue. Currently, I’m facing this problem in two areas of my life.

The first is in organising my home and the second is in organising my blog.

Organising my home

For many people organising a home and organising one’s life would be synonymous. Luckily for me my life is more or less organised. Or at least it is as organised as it can get .

PWhen I visited my weekly photo fix #SkywatchFriday, I discovered it was Pack Rat Day in the US. Of course I discovered it the day after because we are a good 12 hours ahead. Funnily, though, there must have been some synchronicity in the Universe because I automatically opened up my cupboard and did a major clean-up.

Finally, after two months of returning home, I managed to sort out and keep away my Winter clothing that I had taken with me to New Jersey.

In case you are wondering how I can be such a slob, let me clarify that these past 8 weeks were busy with caring for a terminally ill father-in-law. Of course the major work was done by my sisters-in-law who laboured day and night in the care of their father . I was away for a fair bit and when I did return, he was on the down slide. Despite professional help and plenty of family to pitch in , this situation did throw things out of gear. And finally after he passed away, we were busy with dealing with the new situation – running a household with one person less.

So I needed to look out for someone to just be around . But having another body to just be around does kind of create a ripple in the blanket . One more person to train and adjust to . One more person to be responsible for . I feel personally responsible for anyone under my roof , particularly a young girl who is coming to the big, bad city. So till this little bump gets ironed out , I will be having a lot of worry on my plate .

Organising my blog

After years of blogging, I’m slowly getting to understand what it is all about. All this while I used to blog in fits and starts , while cooking the daal or in between errands . With my life getting slowly organised, I’m beginning to see that blogging is yet another skill – one that has to be learnt like any other.

Luckily most of the resources are on line and are for free but this is a long process. So to anyone who is technically challenged, I’d say find a young person who will teach you the ropes. It will save you the heartache of trial and error .

Two years ago I registered my domain with GoDaddy and today I have to renew the hosting . So yesterday I put out a request to the Universe ( read my blog and my friends on Messenger) asking for their advice .

Most bloggers responded with alacrity and clarity. I found that 8 bloggers used BlueHost, 2 used GoDaddy, 2 used Host My Blog, 1 used Hostgator and one left everything to an independent blog developer .

I already had two chats yesterday with BlueHost and GoDaddy and found out that they could provide hosting services but wouldn’t migrate the blog .

So just when I was back to square one and more confused than ever, Shalz of Shalzmojo connected with me on messenger and gave me her advice .

I’ll now head off to Siteground and chat with them.

So as you can see , I’m more confused than ever !

I hope by this time next month I’m all sorted out .

Till then

Ciao ( or should it be adios to go with gracias? )

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Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

4 Comments on “So now I’m even more confused #ChattyBlogs

  1. Its indeed tough to deal with a terminally ill elderly family member. Hope the end was smooth and life has got back on track. It does a little different with one person lesse in the household. But thats the way of life, and it just has to go on. Blog organising is an ongoing process at most times, With the way the blogosphere is evolving, someehere I feel the simlicity of blogging has been lost and its more like running your own online magazine :))

    1. Yes online magazine is the word . I’m still tying to figure out my niche, my voice and my target audience. Perhaps I should have a poll and ask my readers what posts they like etc and get an idea ….
      and yes one person less changes equations but next month I’m getting 2 more joining in ! So life goes on

  2. I am not sure how I missed this post. I don’t think I saw it on the linky, but I am glad I found it now.

    I know we had a chat on this, but I wanted to update you – I migrated to A2 from Bluehost and they took care of the migration too, and everything went smooth. Their customer service is also great. If you haven’t already made the decision, you might want to check them out now. Ping me if you have any questions.
    Shantala recently posted…Why Do You Blog? For Passion or For Profit? #ChattyBlogsMy Profile

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