Give me a shove #FridayReflections

There is a crude saying in colloquial Hindi “Hey Buffalo come and give me a shove”. Needless to say one has to be extremely foolhardy to invite the fierce Indian buffalo whose incredible strength can literally gore you to death.

More often than not , we knowingly or unknowingly invite abuse.

Indeed if Eleanor Roosevelt were to be believed “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Life is a mirror

I believe that life is a mirror . If you feel happy, happiness looks back at you. If you distrust others , naturally they will distrust you.

Similarly if you have a poor self image , what comes across is a feeble minded, diffident person . And you have the words : Come give me a shove written all over your face .

You are your own worst enemy and if you want life to treat you well, stop allowing people to bully you or abuse you.

There are times when you feel helplessly drawn into a situation. When you can’t help but go with the flow even if you are getting hurt .

But remember : you have the choice to walk away or stay on.

And a last word of comfort – everything comes to an end . Even the bad times.

Linking this up with #FridayReflections hosted by Shalini of Kohl-Eyed Me and Corinne of EverydayGyaan .

Happy Sunday!

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