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Holiday Memories

Image for Holiday MemoriesThe sun had set and I was alone in the verandah waiting for the girls to come. It was a perfect weekend where each of us floated our own boat. The six of us were staying at a private bungalow up in the mountains. It wasn’t old as the hills around but definitely older than us. It stood on its original stone plinth made of laterite rock, red as the earth around it,  and lovingly  restored to a condition that must have surpassed the original.

The enclosed wrap around verandah was stripped of its windows  letting in the light and allowing the cool breezes to flow through the house. Decorated in keeping with the old fashioned Colonial structure, soft mattresses, running hot water, cool terrazzo flooring and an indoor kitchen, brought this once decrepit property into the modern age.

Creatures of Habit

Being creatures of habit, we  followed a rough routine. For the three of us who were early risers, the morning began with a help yourself to tea/coffee. Enjoying the crisp morning air while sipping tea on the open terrace or wide front verandah, we tried to speak in whispers, allowing the others (particularly our hostess ) to sleep late.

Then followed a sumptuous breakfast of freshly made eggs to order, sausages, crisp toast slathered with butter, assorted jams and cheeses and a Cafe Coffee Day style coffee.

Well fed and ready to seize the rest of the day, we were free to wander in the garden or take the forest trails , visit the local bazaar or just chill : what really mattered was to completely relax free from our regular mundane lives.

Thus the six of us spent the most therapeutic weekend punctuated by a candle-lit meal on the terrace, wine and cheese on the verandah and sumptuous breakfasts and lunches on the large teak wood dining table.

Assorted candies

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Like the assorted candies and chocolates in bowls left on on the dining table for our munching pleasure all day long, we unwrapped each flavour one by one, discovering aspects of our personalities that had remained unnoticed and hidden even, over the years.

For it is only when you live out of your comfort zone that  some character traits become apparent. I, for instance, learned that I can sleep in an unfamiliar room and a strange bed if I am sufficiently relaxed. Keeping time that was so important to me was also something I could overlook if time was not of prime importance. So, in other words, I could actually not be uptight and over wrought all of the time!

The girls we had known at school  were now middle aged women with spreading middles. Some of us needed that morning quiet to gather one’s thoughts while some of us needed to stretch out. Our older bodies meant weak backs, the wobbly knees and more than a few pounds to shed!

But one thing was apparent -the deep bond of friendship that allowed us to speak our minds without offending and shared memories that kept the conversations entertaining and lively.

Don’t you agree that we all need a holiday like this ?  One where you do nothing much but just go with the flow?
Have you gone on a holiday with your old school friends? Do share your memories with me in the comments below.

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Last year my food blog, Foodities , died a natural death by mere neglect . However, being a foodie, I missed writing about food and memories associated with food . So I began #FlavoursomeTuesdays – a weekly post on food . Soon I found that  an enthusiastic blogger Shilpa of Metanoia  was joining in with her delightful stories .

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  1. I never realized this one was with your school friends, thought its with your daughters. But we all need these kind of holidays. I don’t really share a deep bond with my school friends so this kind of holiday is tough to imagine but I would like this kind of holiday with some other friends maybe the blogger ones! Its sometimes nice to have a laid back holiday than a hectic touristy one. I agree

    1. Well this was my first such trip and hope more will follow. I’ve done two holidays with one daughter each but never one with just the two . I look forward to that but it may be another 15 years before they all feel they can travel with mummy. Perhaps I’ll do my 75th birthday that way!

  2. Love how you have painted this picture in this post – the cottage, the company and the relaxed mood of the holiday – I could picture it all in my mind as I read every word and it made me long for some me time of my own too. I was planning on getting away but then an epiphany struck me – having the house all to myself is all the holiday I need 😉 Looking forward to being on my own after two months of hospitals and illnesses. Cheers to holidays like these that break the mundane routine and let one just be!!!

    1. Be careful! This is my ideal holiday too – having the house to myself and no jobs that HAVE to be done 😉 . One day you will appreciate a holiday like mine

  3. I loved reading about your getaway, Sunita. We all need such a timeout to revive our tired selves, and we need to spend such moments with friends who know us inside out. We do learn a lot about ourselves at such times, too! Guess my getaway will be when I come over to your place! 😛

  4. Trips with besties is so much fun! Especially when we travel well together – which means that we have similar interests while traveling. We’re also planning an all-girls trip next year to celebrate a special milestone. 🙂
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