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The Case of The Cat in The Bonnet #MondayMusings

“Madam! Madam! Wait! Wait! You’ve left your cat! ”

“What? I don’t have any cats. I hate cats! ” I responded shrilly to the watchman who was flagging me down just as I was leaving his building . I was already late and didn’t want to waste even a moment.

“But what is this? ” he asked me pointing to a mewling kitten that was wriggling from his hand.

“What ???” I screamed louder now, totally horrified that I was identified as the owner of a kitten?

“It came from your car!”

“My car? But I don’t even have a cat?”

“I don’t care !” he countered, “it came from your car. ”

All those who know me will know that by this time I was seeing red . I was .

I told him to keep the cat/kitten or whatever it was he claimed came from my car and sped off before he could open the door and shove the creature inside my car.

I have no idea of what happened to the kitten but when I came home I found out that a cat had littered in the bonnet of Hubby Dear’s Pride & Joy – our aging Premier Padmini.

This happened over twenty years ago when our building was infested with cats that littered in cars like mine. Since then our building has been sanitized and there are no cats. Thank God.

At least I thought so till yesterday morning when Hubby Dear discovered some paw prints on his Pride & Joy.

“Pug marks” squealed Wow Dinga and Little Po, excited at the thought of sighting an exotic wild animal in our building.

“Nonsense,” said Hubby Dear . “It’s that darned cat”. There was no pride and no joy. He was just visibly annoyed.

Earlier this year or perhaps it was late last year when a Good Samaritan began feeding all the cats in the neighbourhood. For some strange reason , out of all the buildings on the road , he chose our driveway or rather exit way as his contact point to feed the strays.

And, as is the case normally, in no time at all, the members of Stray Felines of Mumbai started squatting and making their own Permanent Establishments in the nearby buildings.Ours included.

And not only did they feed on the scraps provided by the Good Samaritan, they also began feeding on high quality cat food supplied by some Misguided Mothers who chose to use this opportunity to teach their little ones how to look after a ‘pet’.

Excuse me ! Aren’t pets meant to be part of your family, sharing your home and hearth?

I’m sorry, I don’t count feeding stray cats as caring for a pet .

To get back to the story of the Pug Marks . It turned out that Ms Stray Kitty had become Mrs Kitty and Hubby Dear’s Beloved Car had once again become a Maternity Home for The Fecund Feline on the Prowl.

And this was all thanks to the Good Samaritan and the Misguided Mothers who should have taken the strays to THEIR OWN HOMES!!!!!

After all charity begins at home.

Image of Bellybytes

Sharing this with Corinne’s #MondayMusings .

I extend my sincere apologies to PETA, SPCA, and all animal lovers, if their sentiments are hurt in any way.

This is not my intention. I just wanted to point out the inconvenience caused by someone else’s good deeds. Feed the poor animals by all means but why in my home ? Take them to your home and look after them.

Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. As much as I am an animal lover, Sunita, I do agree to a large extent with you about people keeping their pets at home. I would love to hear views and an explanation to the contrary.

    1. I’m glad you think so too ! I love animals too and have always kept dogs while growing up. But now staying in a High rise in a congested area I think it is cruel to keep a wonderful animal in a confined environment. It is equally unfair for people to share an elevator / poopy lawns / roads especially if they hate animals. Of course I don’t judge others and am friendly with the dogs in my building …. but this is my personal view and am ok with others keeping pets on whichever way they feel fit . Haven’t heard too many comments so far on this but I’m sure there are lots of opinions!

  2. Oh I feel for you though I would have been delighted 🙂
    I love the way you have infused this post with your heartfelt emotions. Great piece of writing and I hope the tiny tots got to play with some kittens.

  3. Its a very funny post and I can understand.Its important that people clean up after their pets. Now feeding strays is great and should be encouraged.B ut outside the apartment complex at a safe distance otherwise, they will always come back, litter and cause a health hazard too since they are rarely vaccinated.

  4. I really wonder why people start loving the strays and specially when the strays stay far away from their houses/ apartments?
    I could see the anguish underlying, Sunita.
    Hope this menace is taken due care soon.

  5. Sunita, I agree with you, people should feed at a public place (as they do with pigeons) or take them to their place and do it. My pet peeve is with dog owners or their domestic help who take them for their morning or evening walks, and never bother to clean up after them. Why should the streets be littered just because they chose to have dogs in their home?

    1. You bet! Honestly these people are most selfish. In fact I once reviewed a book where I learnt that stray dogs never poop on public roads . These are messed up by pampered pooches

  6. Cats for you, Canada Geese for many of us in the United States. I remember grandmothers would come and feed the geese with their young ones many years ago, and I would wince. And now (for many reasons) they have multiplied and have stopped migrating in the fall, now despoiling parks, lawns and other open spaces everywhere. But at least they don’t litter in our apartments.

    1. I suppose all over the world we have pests who are pets for others ! We have pigeons too who are fed in balconys and a whole load of other creatures ……

  7. Once a cat laid its litter in our water cooler which we discovered only when we went to clean it for installation as summer began. I made a lovely little bed for the kittens in a cardboard box and all, glowing with a sense of smug pride at having given the kittens a better home than their mommy ever could. But Mommy wasnt at all pleased, she wandered around carrying the kittens in her mouth and ended up in my store – the safest place for her precious babies 😀

  8. I can see your point, Sunita. I would too, if I were you! And, of course, I feel the anguish too!! Yes, charity begins at home and it is best when people care for the strays but first by making sure that their actions do not inconvenience others. We have a cat with four kittens that wander into our apartment block every other day and you should see how much the kids love to play with them. But, thankfully, they do not hang around the complex all day.
    Esha recently posted…Solitude | #WordlessWednesdayMy Profile

  9. Pets should be kept at home – that I agree with. But the poor little strays. One can’t possibly take all of them home! Although I do think a common area – like a garden or some such – should be used as the feeding ground. But then, I am biased towards cats. 😉
    Modern Gypsy recently posted…How to tap into your inner wisdomMy Profile

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