Where’s the chakli and the cheese? #GFTR2018

Healthy eating and diets

The other day Anna Shetty came home ravenous. As a doctor and a young mother, she almost always comes home ‘dying of hunger’. It was a hard day for her . After getting the kids off to school, she had rushed out of home for an early morning surgery with just a cup of coffee to get her system going. As usual, it was a case of “I’ll grab something later “.

However, later turned out to be much later than she’d imagined and when she dropped by, without so much as a hello, she poked her head into the fridge.

Alas!! It was almost empty.  Well, not exactly empty but putting it in perspective, there was nothing in it that she wanted to eat. Rather there was nothing that she liked to eat.

The fridge was filled with healthy stuff like milk, eggs, vegetables and fruit, salad! And absolutely NO leftovers.

She rummaged through the cupboards and was shocked to find none of the stuff she liked . No biscuits. No chivda. No ladoo.

Where are the chaklis and cheese_

In short, she was shocked that all the food that she had grown up with was now no longer kept at home .

And for this we only had to thank a new visitor, or rather should I call it invader- Type 2 Diabetes.

Indeed our home is not an isolated case of Diabetes striking in a home that had no history of diabetes in its DNA . At least this is what Hubby Dear and I like to believe that since none of our immediate ancestors had this disease. And those that are long dead, were not recorded of having diabetes simply because in those days, there was no real knowledge of the disease.

But sadly, like millions of households in India, Diabetes has made its pernicious entry into our home.  Slowly but surely, this lifestyle disease is ready to pounce on any one – man, woman or beast even . And it shows no bias of any kind: age, gender, region or religion. What it recognises is an unhealthy life style and bang ! It’s in !

An unhealthy life style is largely due to the inventions of the modern age. Motorcars and machines have erradicated the physical component of our lives and most work menial or manual is either mechanised or outsourced.

Add to this globalisation , urbanisation and migration and you get cuisines and foods that were untasted by our grannie’s palates. Indeed the famous dietitian Rujuta Divekar attributes our bad eating habits to the easy availability of pizzas and unseasonal and even untypical foods.

So after years of fried snacks, creamy cheese slices, chocolate brownies and steaks, we’ve had no option but to welcome Diabetes Type 2 into our home with 72 million other Indians. 

And with that we had to change our diet once more.

We’ve gone back to healthy eating with whole wheat chapatis with home made ghee, freshly made seasonal vegetables and exercise. We eat rice that is par boiled or partially husked. Our breakfast consists of porridge made of Nachani or Oats and our coffee is de-caff. No more pickles, no more sweets and fries. No more mid-night snacks and no more Chinese, Japanese or any other Exotese.

If granny didn’t eat it. We won’t too.


But old habits are hard to change and we’ve made some conscious decisions like eating out occasionally, tanking up with salads and going easy on the carbs.

From living to eat, we now eat to live.

This is just one of the trends mentioned in the “Godrej Food Trends 2018”


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Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. Loved your post ! Growing up in an Armed Forces household meant food was a huge priority . And staying healthy was not an option.
    And then marriage to a doctor was a culture shock . Without exaggeration I can comfortably publish .. 25 ways to eating healthy ! But on a serious note knowing how to eat healthy doesn’t seem quite as straightforward in the present context . Between the diet fads, gourmet trends, and a rotating roster of superfoods, eating well has gotten .. whats the word I am looking for … yes .. complicated and convoluted.
    I guess like its said .. Eat what your grandma ate .. combine it with a lot more exercise than she did .. one is good to go !
    Poor life style choices combined with heredity factors can result in a host of illnesses . So I invite you to share your wellness goals !

    1. I understand exactly what you mean. My dad was a doc in the Navy and us convinced my mother brought us up on rubbish!
      I had to literally re-learn eating only because fast food is so much easier ! But now we’ve been bitten once so we’re more careful

  2. Sometimes not so welcome guest have to be accommodated and lifestyle needs to be changed to make room for them…Good to see that you have taken enough steps to keep the temptation at bay. Out of sight usually gets out of mind!
    Happy and healthy eating to you Sunita. Way to go dear…

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