NOW is the Time to Care a Shit about the Environment !

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“This is for you,” said my sister-in-law handing me a copy of her latest book ” The Poop Book”. Author of a wonderful collection of short stories,Tejaswini Apte-Rahm has come up with a delightful book for children this time. A book that  Kalpavriksh has published as part of a series  of  4 books on spreading environmental awareness among children.

My friend Ana was aghast when she heard the title ” It’s not exactly a book you’d read to the kids while having dinner would you?” she asked tentatively.

But I assured her that it would be just the kind of book you would read to a 5 year old because that is just what appeals to them. And the content of the book would appeal to mothers too!

For in this beautifully illustrated book for children, the little ones learn a thing or two about animal waste matter and how important it is for the environment.

I always think it is best to inculcate values in children who in turn insist their parents follow suit. And it is important for children to learn how to value the environment they live in because if we don’t start doing something now, it may just be too late.

I took my children to the first ever World Environment Day that Mumbai celebrated  for the first time in 1990.

That was when my two young ladies were two young children.  I remember walking up the Malabar Hill slope with them to attend a “World Environment Day” programme. At that time I was surprised that the only other person there was a really old Parsi gentleman who like me was interested in saving the world.

I thought that many more people would be interested in saving the world. Especially since Indians are obsessed with “saving”. We save old newspapers and sell them to the “raddiwallah”. We re-use old jars and plastic bags. We even keep disposable jars and use them to pack left overs. And we re-use wrapping papers and  hand down old clothes  from child to child.

So how come we don’t want to save the world?

On 5th June 2009, I put up a blog post with the pictures below. Despite the eye catching installations and the dire message they spelled out, the walkers along Mumbai’s Marine Drive were blase and just walked past!Image for World Environment Day

Nothing much seems to have changed as is obvious from the picture on the lower left which is made of waste plastic and displayed in last year’s Sassoon Dock Show.

I do hope this year’s participation will be more enthusiastic since

  • India is the global host of 2018 World Environment Day which will take place on June 5, 2018.

This year’s theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution” and the world is coming together to combat single-use plastic pollution.

Let’s hope that this year’s World Environment Day is not mere lip service to a real and present danger.

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13 Comments on “NOW is the Time to Care a Shit about the Environment !

  1. I’m impressed with the amount of work you’ve put into the Environmental Awareness Campaigns!

    I do hope that more people take the effort to do their bit at home so these things can be stopped at the source. Let’s hope the next generation takes this more seriously.

    On another note, those books look interesting! Bookmarking them to buy for my daughter and niece. Thanks 🙂
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Firgun: A Beautiful QualityMy Profile

  2. Your work on spreading environmental awareness is commendable! It’s true that we need more people to check their day to day habits and find out where they can cut down or inculcate ways which can reduce the burden on the environment. For example, walking and bicycling instead of taking autos or cars, or climbing up or down the stairs instead of choosing the elevator. They are small steps but can contribute significantly in the long run.

  3. Until sometime ago, all D would pop out from his mouth was potty-susu talks and if I had given him this book then I am sure he would have taken the message seriously 🙂 On a serious note, it is commendable to know that you were concerned about the Environment and were taking efforts way back in 1990 when I am not sure how many talked about it. Noone cared for it or raised awareness atleast in my circle at that time. I am trying to do my bit by using reusable bags everytime I go shopping, not turning the heaters on when the weather gets colder instead wearing a sweater (because this is what we do in India, we wear sweaters and it is only summers here, not winters) and walk around.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Gratitude list May 2018 #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  4. Wow! I am impressed by your enthusiasm, Sunita!
    Let’s hope people wake up now, before it’s too late. But, I sometimes wonder if things will really change. The garbage bags were banned, and yet we find them being sold at traffic signals and in trains. How will the plastic articles we use be banned completely? And, the change which some people are working towards, will it really happen on a larger scale?

  5. Wow! Your efforts to raise consciousness about plastic pollution is truly laudable, Sunita. It is hard not to take notice of these things that affect every individual in this world but sadly, so few actually take the steps to implement the small changes that are needed at the personal level. In spite of all the mobilisation of forces to see the end of the plastics, so much more needs to be done. We did see this happen in Bangalore two years back to stop the usage of single use plastic and and it was heartening to see it banned but then, it lasted only for a couple of months and by the end of the year, Unless properly implemented, such bans will never ever be effective.

    1. Frankly, nothing is going to change this environment or the pollution or any of the problems we are facing. They will only multiply till finally the earth succumbs to its fate. I seriously believe that all that we are facing today was faced by a previous civilisation that is now part of our myths and legends ( cloning – 100 kauravas, IVF and sperm donation – Pandavas, organ transplant – Ganesha, IBMs – sudarshan chakra, planes – garud vahan) .

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