The coincidence of randomness

Do we do the the things we do by coincidence ? Or do we do things randomly? Or is there a coincidence in the randomness ?

Coincidence or Randomness?

It’s been almost twenty years since I read the ‘Celestine Prophesy’. I’ve read many more since, but this is one book that has influenced me profoundly. And this is the one takeaway :

“I don’t think that anything happens by coincidence… No one is here by accident… Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us. Otherwise they would have taken another path, or left earlier or later. The fact that these people are here means that they are here for some reason”.” – James Redfield


Ever since I realised the importance of interacting with other bloggers, I try and visit at least one new blog a week. I find these through WordPress Reader recommendations for the most part . Sometimes I find them as links in a weekly sharing thread . Sometimes the discovery is purely by responding to a reply on someone else’s post.

But honestly, is all this purely by chance ?

Am I following an unknown pattern?

What makes me visit the bloggers I choose to visit ?

The coincidence of randomness

Recently, two incidents have made me believe that there is some thread that runs through our lives that slowly lead us to the end of the maze.

Consider this :

I found SuzySomedaySomewhere on the A to Z Challenge around three years ago. I was largely intrigued by her name Suzy’s Ilation. I didn’t know what “ilation” meant but I once knew a girl who was called ILA in school. There aren’t too many Ilas in the world , so I wondered if it could be her. I became a regular reader and responded to her blogs . Unfortunately, she never reciprocated.  I thought of giving up visiting her blog but something kept pulling me back. Perhaps, I thought my comments may have landed in her spam folder. Finally ,  I sent her a few messages asking her if she was the same person I knew back in school. Again there was no response.

But things have a way of happening, only when they are meant to happen. From the beginning of this year, I noticed that SuzyQ began responding to my comments .  I also discovered that there was a bug somewhere on my blog that prevented her comments and my response from showing up.

Last week, I again asked her if she was the school mate I knew and ….. ta da….. she was! We immediately moved on to Messenger and exchanged life stories. And funnily enough, we traced the connection back to an earlier generation – one where her aunt was a college mate of my mother-in-law!!!!! How random is that.

Another connection I made this morning was via the comment left in my blog by Alana Mautone  whose gorgeous flower photos  attracted me to her blog. She too had issues over commenting on my blog and this time and this time she persisted visiting and commenting on my blog. Over the years I found a certain familiarity with her posts especially in the past few months when I made frequent visits to the US. I could actually identify some of the flora that she spoke about and was thrilled when I saw them in real life.

Now the connection to Alana is a bit long winded .

Years ago when the Mumbai Pune Expressway was launched with such fanfare, I remember my father telling me that it was a long time coming. It should have been made during WW2.

This plan was apparently going to be executed by the US who wanted their troops to land in Mumbai to face the Japanese invasion. Luckily the Japanese never came beyond Kohima and the war got over. But it seems that there were US troops stationed in India and Alana’s father was one of them!

Doesn’t this sound far fetched ?

On the contrary, I find it even more likely that the people I interact with are in someway one of the dots in my journey.

I am now waiting to find the connections between all the bloggers I engage with. There has to be some thread that pulls me towards them …. Isn’t it ?

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Author: Unishta

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  1. Everything about Coincidence and Randomness was quite confusing for me though I wholeheartedly agree with the quote about each one comes in our life with a purpose. Reading about your connection with Suzy and Alana gave me goosebumps, I don’t know why? It is a wonder how we are connected by an invisible thread with each other. I still remember your first visit and comment on my blog in 2015 and also my exact feelings after reading your comment.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Things I fail to understand #MondayMusingsMy Profile

    1. Yes it’s spooky . Who knows how we are connected ? Could be that your parents were my neighbors at some point of time ( I. E as children of either of your parents were my neighbours ….. ) or my dearest friend is your relative ? The possibilities are endless … or it could just plain and simple be that we think in a similar fashion 🙂

  2. Interesting, Sunita! Indeed, there is always something common between bloggers who enjoy reading each other’s post and comments. And exactly a reason why blog-o-sphere is a great place.

  3. What an interesting post! Now that you have written it, it is not a bad theory – there might be some bigger plan behind meeting random people. Why do we meet A and not B and why we meet certain people at a time when we need the most! It might feel as a coincidence or serendipity, but it is not. There is a reason behind it! Anyways, I am glad to have met you, coincidences or not!

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