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Another day in Bombay

There’s nothing more wonderful than visiting your city as a tourist. After all when most of my visits are confined to St. Stephen’s Cafe at Malabar Hill, Off the Hook at Breach Candy or Bhaji Gully at Nana Chowk, my view of Bombay is largely confined to what I see from my balcony. And these days with the grey skies and intermittent rains, I can’t really see much.

So it was with great pleasure that I accepted Daughter No 1’s request to accompany her on a walkabout in Fort.

Now to all those who know Mumbai, Fort is essentially Bombay before it became Mumbai. Granted it was made by the British, but frankly, before the British came, aamchi Mumbai was just a conglomeration of 7 malaria infested islands. It, would, therefore, be ridiculous to deny the British influence on this part of the city. And honestly, if it weren’t for Catherine of Braganza, we probably would still be fishing in the marshes or creeks around the islands.

Going to Fort has always been joyful and especially now when it is undergoing a revival of sorts, you can come across some delightful spots . Currently everything is a mess thanks to the Metro work, but I am really hopeful that once it is ready, Fort will become a rocking place once more.

Once again it was in pursuit of a cup of tea at Tasse de The ( which is now approaching mythic proportions in my mind) that drove me to Fort on Sunday afternoon.

We got off at the beginning of the Kala Ghoda district and walked down towards Kulture a cute Bandra shop that has now moved to Bombay. It sells curated graphic art and is ideal for gifting Bombay related articles like cushion covers, totes, stationery and posters.

Divya, the chatty manager of the store directed us to some more shops in the area – places that we hadn’t even heard of.

Further down the street we came across an exclusive stationery store. While the shop is newly opened, the brand has been around for a while. You may have seen some of its wares elsewhere.

Did you know that there was an Armenian Church in Mumbai? I didn’t and even though I claim to have walked all the streets of Fort, this sign announcing St. Peter’s Armenian Church came as something of a surprise


And then as we were going to Tasse de The, we came across a small lane that announced Burma Burma and Oh Dough. I have been wanting to go to Burma Burma but didn’t know where it was. Now that I know, I will definitely make a trip to this place, even though it is vegetarian and doesn’t serve alcohol.

As for Oh Dough This was another example of synchronicity. Just the night before Daughter no1 was out with her friends and wanted to know of a place that served the best chocolate icecream. Two of them immediately replied ODO.

At least that was what she thought it was till we stumbled upon Oh Dough right across from Burmah Burmah. We stepped inside and discovered pure magic.

While I have given up sugar for a while, Ms. Papaya and her mother sampled the icecream which really was to die for. But being chocoholics, went for the dark chocolate which was simply divine. Incidentally, Oh Dough also delivers via Scootsy and even though its cookies are ridiculously pricey, they’re worth spending the calories on.

Alas! With appetites satiated, there was no more room for  Tasse de The!

I’m all the more determined to go there now.

Do you think I’ll make it before the end of this month?

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Have a great week.


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  1. Ha ha ODO was cute. And I love stationery stores, they’re such a delight.
    I lived in Bombay for a few years, I worked at Nariman Point. However we were always so busy we rarely got to see the city. Over the last few days in the city my friends and I roamed around Marine Drive, Churchgate and Fort like a tourist would. That was fun.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…Man maketh the clothes #MondayMusingsMy Profile

  2. Looks like Fort has a different feel that the rest of Mumbai. I have been to Armenian church in Kolkatta and did some research as to why they came to India. It is an interesting read, try it someday!

  3. I live the enigmatic Fort. Thanks for sharing a slice of your day at fort. I recall one beautiful night when we drove in the wee hours. Mumbai looks exotic without the traffic.
    Enjoyed your post, Sunita.?

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