Another day in Bombay

8 thoughts on “Another day in Bombay”

  1. Ha ha ODO was cute. And I love stationery stores, they’re such a delight.
    I lived in Bombay for a few years, I worked at Nariman Point. However we were always so busy we rarely got to see the city. Over the last few days in the city my friends and I roamed around Marine Drive, Churchgate and Fort like a tourist would. That was fun.
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  2. Looks like Fort has a different feel that the rest of Mumbai. I have been to Armenian church in Kolkatta and did some research as to why they came to India. It is an interesting read, try it someday!

  3. I live the enigmatic Fort. Thanks for sharing a slice of your day at fort. I recall one beautiful night when we drove in the wee hours. Mumbai looks exotic without the traffic.
    Enjoyed your post, Sunita.😊

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