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Rediscovering Fort- When Mumbai becomes Bombay

Exploring Mumbai’s Fort District

Mumbai is my favourite city and the Fort District is my all time favourite. 

For many years it was part of my everyday life: going past Colaba Causeway and the Fountain on the way to school; walking   down from early morning French Classes at the French Bank Building on Homi Street, past Horniman Circle , weaving through the lanes around the Stock Exchange to attend lectures in College.

I could spend hours browsing through books at Strand Book store, or looking for stationery at Chimanlals. For those were the days when we wrote letters and exchanged cards and stationery was an important part of my life.

These days, however, walking through Fort is not as pleasurable as it was. The main road is quite a mess thanks to all the digging up for  the Metro.  But I have no doubt that once it is done, it will be restored to its former glory.

Daughter No 1 wanted to visit Tasse de The , the new tea house that had so fascinated me . 

Unfortunately it was hosting a private event so we had to go elsewhere. As we took the road towards Horniman Circle, I decided to turn right as I vaguely remember mention of a new place called Plenty. 

What a delightful discovery that was ! 

This tiny eatery that’s is in the middle of the Business district is a great respite from the hustle and bustle outside. Reasonably priced for the ambience and comfort, it is quite welcoming to kids. 

The Lavender Tea was refreshing though I did feel the scrambled eggs were grossly overpriced . 

My chicken frankie was well made and presented – quite ungreasy compared to its original avatar and definitely more enjoyable with just the right amount of spice . 

But if I was happy with Plenty, there was lots about the newly renovated Crawford Market that left me disappointed. It was heart rending to see piles of garbage inside the building, spit stains in the beautifully carved granite signs honouring the structure. And the fountain – it was lost in the melee. 

However , all was not lost and shopping here was definitely more fun than shopping in soulless shopping malls. As the old vendors called out to me and asked why I hadn’t come for so long, I felt happy that I was missed ! 

And finally when I walked into the newest bookstore in Fort – Wayword & Wise, I truly felt I’d come home. It is small but not crowded and above all has books that you’d love reading. As Mr. Sud , the proprietor explained, it is a bookshop for serious readers. So do head that way when you are next in town.


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