Happiness is 4 bars

“Where is the blue car? ”

“Have you seen the Purple Heart ?”

“Remember that giraffe that I had ?”

If any of you have had any experience of de-cluttering your house of toys that remain in touched for days, you will realise that this is a job fraught with danger . Cleaning up toddlers’ toys is like walking through a minefield. You never know when things will blow up in your face.

Suddenly they will ask for that toy they haven’t seen for days !

And living with these real time auditors has awakened the auditor in me too!

For years I’ve been going through life without giving much thought to quantities. After all, what’s the point of keeping a daily account of expenses when all that you’re really buying is eggs and bread ? After all when the money is over , it’s over .

But now, constantly being asked questions about where things are has awaken a new kind of consciousness in me . It has made me question my own life and examine my consumption patterns.

So, I’ve begun keeping tabs of how many kilos of sugar I consume in a month, which kind of toothpaste I really like. I now actually bother about what kind of book I like to read …..

When I get the electricity bill, I actually make a note of how many units we’ve consumed.

This sudden love of numbers has changed my life. Everything has become quantifiable and somehow this gives me a sense of joy.

But what makes me truly happy is the 4 bars on the top of my phone screen . That indicates the strength of my phone connection. The only other number that surpasses this is the three curves of the wifi. Now that makes me truly ecstatic !

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Do numbers make you happy?

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