Makebelieve out of a Box #FridayReflections

She cautiously set her cup on the table and watched the melee in front of her. The three of them were playing a game of Pirates. Luckily none of them had known the horrors of a ship being attacked by pirates but for them, the story of Peppa and the Pirates was one that inspired great wonder.

Two overstuffed armchairs that once occupied pride of place in the living room now occupied pride of place in their make believe game as the Pirate ship. And part of this game too was the empty carton which brought in her computer. Today it is the hub of the pirate ship. The controls from which Capt Wow Dinga mans his ship.

On other days, this empty carton becomes an icecream stand from where Ms. Papaya sells exotic icecreams like Brinjal icecream and corn icecream.

At other times Little Po makes it his shop keeper’s till and makes bills for groceries bought from his make believe shop.

How wondrous is the game of make believe, she thought as she saw these little children find joy in simple things like empty cartons, plump pillows, and an unfettered imagination to think out of the box. The toys she buys remain 10 second wonders. What gives them endless joy is the cardboard boxes in which they were packed. Taking on a new role in their game of pretend and make believe.

Sharing these thoughts of mine as I watch my grandchildren play on Corinne’s #FridayReflections. 


Have a great weekend all


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Author: Unishta

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  1. Exactly my thoughts when I see my little one play. She is more excited about the boxes the toys and stuff are packed in. Its amazing to see their imagination soar wild.

  2. O My God what is it with cardboard boxes?? When the twins were smaller they’d go scavenging around Diwali and come home with all the cardboard in all possible sizes – from shoe boxes to refrigerator boxes. It was quite crazy. Even now, on the brink of their teens, they are fascinated with them and find a thousand games to play in them.
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    1. OMG! I thought my grandchildren were strange but it seems to be a generational thing. Perhaps we didn’t have that many cardboard boxes while growing up else we’d probably have thought out of the box too !

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Suzy. We don’t use too much toilet paper so rolls are a bit rare in our home but definitely prized for their role in makebelieve play.

  3. That’s what I love about kids! FInding joys in things as simple as a cardboard box. I think we ought to change our perception, our way of looking at that cardboard box, right? 😛 Maybe we will learn to appreciate the simple things in life, too.

  4. Imagination is like Alladi’s magic carpet. Every child has it neatly laid out in his/ her mind, to take a ride any time and every time he /she wishes to. We adults have put the same in the corner and is lying with much dust on it. Time to pull it out, dust it off and enjoy the blissful ride! What say Sunita?

  5. Aww. these boxes.. my girls play with cartons, make it their little home and run the show of an entire household. I cherish these moments as I sit and admire them playing.

  6. My toddler leaves aside the toys and starts playing with empty boxes, cartons, papers and anything that ideally should be discarded. I think this market has a huge potential since the choice seems to be unanimous for kids.

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