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Moonset ? #SkywatchFriday

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Is there a word like moonset ? Or perhaps moondown ? Strangely, there isn’t .

This thought occurred to me when I captured this moon this Sunday past . I think I’m some parts of the world it was a blood moon that was eclipsed. But in my sky it was full and eclipsed by the clouds!


Language rules for opposites are very funny. In many Indian languages the word is negated by prefixing the word with the consonant ‘a’. Thus a word like success ( safal) becomes unsuccessful or asafal .

While teaching Anna Shetty opposites , I asked her as a 7 year old what the opposite of andhera ( darkness) was. She unblinkingly replied Andheri ( a suburb of metropolitan Mumbai! )

I hope this brought a smile to your face .

And if any of you know it, do tell me the opposite of moonrise.

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  1. I love your witty takes on totally normal things, Ma’am!

    I found the Andhera-Andheri part really tickling. The blood moon, though, I remember happened last Friday midnight. Ah, eclipses in India are just a can of worms, I must say. You see all the superstitions bottled up during the other ‘modern’ days of the year & suddenly surfacing this day. Loved how you captured the beautiful moon peekaboo-ing in the Mumbai sky.

    And about, moon-rise & moon-set, I guess we’d be astronauts to know them precisely!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my blog. Yes we Indians are superstitious despite being modern. And I’ve seen this among the most scientific minded people . Especially as they age, they start believing in stuff they scoffed at as young adults. So perhaps there is something to be said about superstition?

  2. I discussed with my husband, who is a “grammar geek” and all we can come up, as native American English speakers, is moonset. As far as superstition, it is amazing how we can revert back to beliefs we thought we had abandoned. Those beliefs aren’t gone; just buried deep within. As a “young” senior, I can attest to some of that myself. At least your “eclipse” is more than what we saw (as it happened during our day). As you probably know, in the United States, eclipses are eagerly received and, for total solar eclipses, we will travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see one.

    1. Thanks Alana for confirming that there is a word as moonset . Words that aren’t commonly used don’t roll off the tongue so easily do they.
      Yes it’s true how superstitions resurface as we get older ….

  3. It’s so interesting how different parts of the world have different views of the same moon! I was not able to view the eclipse here in California, but no clouds where I was so a good view of the moon.

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