My last day on earth #Write Over the Weekend

4 thoughts on “My last day on earth #Write Over the Weekend”

  1. I so loved it when you said, “….But it’s alright. They were not meant to be”. The happiness stems from contentment and not in possession.
    Also loved the idea of checking in the baggage that we have acquired over the life time and then looking forward to the new yet unknown journey as a light traveler.
    Very heart warming verse Sunita.

  2. It’s interesting how people who claim to have experienced a near death experience all agree that the experience includes a life review – which really makes me wonder. Do we shed our experiences like a snake speds skin, ready for the new adventure? What about those who don’t die content, feeling their life’s mission hasn’t been completed? A lot to contemplate in your poem.
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    1. Recently I watched a family member die and can never forget his last few days…. he didn’t really seem to want to do anything other than close his eyes.

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