Shooting Hoops #ThursdayTreeLove

Shooting Hoops #ThursdayTreeLove

Image for shooting hoopsI always wonder what stories this tree has to tell .

It’s in our back garden and overlooks the basketball hoop that has seen many a romance flourish between two youngsters who are “playing basketball” .

Of course there are times when it has seen real action with the teenagers actually shooting hoops.

And there are times when this tree has witnessed football matches,  condolence meetings and joyous celebrations of weddings and birthdays .

Image for shooting hiopsDoesn’t it look like a tree that’s seen it all ?

Sharing these thoughts with Parul on #ThursdayTreeLove-46


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14 thoughts on “Shooting Hoops #ThursdayTreeLove

    1. That’s a good idea but you know the malis around here just say ” ped hai’. That’s not of much help is it? But you are right, Perhaps I could get close up and take a photo of the leaves and perhaps look online…… may be my next project – identify the trees in the garden by their common and botanical names.

  1. May be it has as many tales as its leaves. May be the rustle of its leaves narrate the stories untold. May be its feeling proud to have got featured on your well read blog Sunita and thus basking in its renewed glory!

  2. Yes, I think this tree has seen it all. Wouldn’t it be great if trees could write memoirs in a type of communication we humans would understand?

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