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Invincible Tetrapods #WordlessWednesday

Image for tetrapods on Marine DriveThe tetrapods on Mumbai’s Marine Drive are  man made wave breakers bear the brunt of every wave, they remain unchanged, unbroken and strongly resilient.

I can spend hours on Marine Drive watching the sea bang against the tetrapods . Sometimes it breaks into a thousand droplets as it sprays up like a fountain. Some times it is a gentle caress of quiet splashes.  But whatever the force of the water,  the tetrapods remain unmoved.

Sharing these thoughts and this photo with Natasha and Esha on #WordlessWednesday.

I’m getting ready for Ganpati. How about you ? What are you doing this Wednesday?


Image of Bellybytes

Image for Wordless Wednesday


A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!

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  1. A trademark sight on MArine drive, its more an icon of mumbai and its spirit. Resisting every difficulty!!

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