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Mixed Feelings on a Monday evening #MondayMusings

Today started out as a wonderful morning with the blazing sun peeping out from behind the towers that now spoil my view. There was a time when I could look out far into the distance , as far as the mainland. However , with rampant construction crowding out the view , it won’t be long before all that I will see is just concrete and glass.

But getting back to the morning , I was happy to see the sun and was sure it would be a lovely day.

Ms Papaya was ready for school back pack and all . We were hoping to get her admitted to Kindergarten- a step up from a play group . My friends from Mumbai will know how traumatic this is . With so few schools and so many people, even admission to a play group becomes fraught with worry and anxiety. So this was a situation that had all of us anxious.

By God’s Grace ( and truly in this case it was entirely His Grace) this went off smoothly . But it was not without its tense moments.

Feeling relieved I seized a few moments in the afternoon, particularly capitalising on the fewer cars on the the road to buy some fruit . I also thought I’d get Ms Papaya the mandatory water bottle and snack box.

I didn’t want go to my favourite bhaji gully because I was strangely apprehensive that something would happen to my car .A weird feeling that it would get scratched stayed with me all through this month.

And something did. While returning home, I had to manoeuvre my car between a stationary truck and the oncoming traffic. I was at a really low speed of 5 kmph but I somehow misjudged the clearance and I soon heard heard a strange sound as my car slowly moved ahead.

I knew I had somehow scratched my car but was horrified to see the actual damage

As you can see, this clearly means the expense of a few thousand rupees and the inconvenience of not having a car for a few days. And considering that Ms Papaya will start school from tomorrow, this is an inconvenience I could do without .

While I take responsibility for my actions , I feel this would have happened if the car had been properly designed . The wider rear end makes it difficult for me to judge the clearance .

Secondly if the policemen outside the Ambani residence were actually minding the traffic while the huge truck outside their residence was hogging up the road, I would have not scratched my car.

Altamount Road which used to be a quiet road is now truly a death trap in the mornings with school buses, milk vans, cement mixers and huge lorries carrying construction material driving down, the road that is already narrowed down with cars parked on either side of the road .

So here I am with mixed feelings at the end of the day: relief that one issue is settled and dismay that another has cropped up.

Life is a see saw isn’t it ?

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  1. Oh My! That’s a big scratch, and yes quite an expense. Agree with you with haphazard construction and bad road management. We live in suburbs and always considered (even believe) town being well maintained as compared to this part of Mumbai. However, it seems the situation is sad across the city. In the name of development, we are killing the soul of living somewhere.
    Hope you get your car back with new shining back, sans that scratch soon.

    1. Thanks for commiserating. I feel terrible bout this especially when I myself avoid dented cars – labelling them as being driven by bad drivers . I’ve been driving for over 35 years now and this is the first ever incident 🙁

  2. Oh gosh! That blue designer scratch aint any good. But thats life…as you mentioned see-saw. Reminded me of the old song, “Ye jina hai angoor ka dana, kuch khatta hai, kuch meetha hai…”
    Good to know that Ms Papaya has got admission to the preferred school effortlessly. I think, till the time the care is repaired, enjoy the rickshaw rides with Papaya. You can play “I spy with my little eye” game with the little one, en route. What say, Sunita?

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