MTNL MUMBAI- Killing me slowly with their sloth


This is another rant in the day of BellyBytes.
And as usual it concerns a Government agency which is wondering why its customers are going elsewhere.

The story begins today when I find that my landline has been disonnected because I haven’t paid the bill . The recorded message tells me to contact my regional accounts officer.MTNL

The next step is to contact the regional /divisional accounts officer or whatever, but he is nowhere to be found on the website of MTNL.

If you call up the Toll Free number, you listen to a recorded message and then you are hung up.

If you call the customer care service number it just rings till you give up on it or it gives up on you.

So pray tell me MTNL, how do I get my phone to work considering that I have personally paid the bill way before the due date?

Quite frankly, I would do without the phone service altogether were it not for the fact that a landline bill is required to prove my residential status!

What a joke.

I live within 250 m of the MTNL’s telephone exchange yet I find that my Broadband and wifi connection is pathetic. More than half the time it doesn’t work.

I find that my land line is cross connected and worse still, the repairman shamelessly asks for a TIP when I make a complaint!!!!

I thought things had changed with competition but obviously nothing has.

Pray tell me, have you ever had  such a frustrating experience?

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Author: Unishta

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  1. My MTNL land line and wifi work at their own whims and fancies. I guess I am too lazy to do anything about it except once a week call up their helpline and take yet another complaint number from them!

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