#MyFriendAlexa – a learning lesson

It’s official I’m out !

Well, to all those participating in Blogchatter’s third season of #MyFriendAlexa, let me assure you that I am officially out of the challenge. I quit this challenge after the first week itself   but have still been visiting some of the posts on the reading lists that I manage to track when I get the time.

Let me assure you that this is not going to be another post where I diss this challenge: so you can breathe normally now .

But there are some lessons I learnt from this challenge .

Lessons learnt froM #MyFriendAlexa (1)

And today my Global Alexa Rank is 670,059 and Indian Rank is 42,414. So even though I’m not part of the challenge, my Rank has dropped 59,717 points!

What was most heartening was that most bloggers commiserated with me and tried to make me understand where I was going wrong with the challenge. Thank you Vasantha, Mayuri, and Shalz for making me see reason.


My post explaining my position got the single largest number of comments I’ve ever had for a post.

Thank you Manas, Akshata, Pratikshya, Holly, Parul, Damyanti, Maheshwaran Jothi, Dr, Amrita, Esha, Shilpa, Sudha Krishnan, arv, AnshuBhojnagarwala, Soumya,Kalpana, Vinodini, Vinitha, Tina, Vartika Gakhar, Sonia Chatterjee, Rubina Ramesh for your comments that were frank. Some of you were sympathetic and some of you weren’t. But I thank you for taking the time from this busy and exhausting challenge to leave your comments on this post.

The Biggest Takeaway


So finally, I am glad I did the challenge for a week because I learnt a lot and met some interesting new bloggers.


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  1. Every challenge leaves one with a learning and so did this one. I admire you for being frank and open, Sunita. Thanks for sharing your takeaways from doing the Alexa challenge. ?

  2. That’s nice, you take this in a positive way. I’m visiting your blog often irrespective of these challenges. That’s what I would like to insist again. So let go off this. And keep writing. Love you always….. Vasantha

  3. I read your previous post on this topic too. I have to absolutely agree with the observation that I think the Alexa rank will probably rise back to a certain level after this challenge. And also, I have found it highly inconsistent after the first week. Maybe the sign up size was too big to manage or too many people dropping off.

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep

  4. We have been following and reading each other’s blog and I enjoy reading and pictures from your everyday life. In the end, it is all about enjoying. If you feel it is not for you, maybe that’s the reality. Hope to see you around.

  5. The challenge taught you several lessons – too bad they weren’t the lessons you were expecting to learn. And to have your rank dropped adds insult to injury. But if you met even one new blogger you love, and loves you – that may well be worth it. I hope.

    1. Of course it was worth it ! And if I understand this whole concept of Alexa, the lower your rank the better so this isn’t a bad thing at all . And yes I have met some wonderful bloggers along the way.
      Alana I don’t believe any experience goes waste – even bad ones .
      And I love learning .
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting . I did miss seeing you around this space 🙂

  6. True. It has been a great learning experience and also got to read pretty cool blogs.
    Alexa rank is temporary, it would require same amount of effort (if not more) to maintain the rank.
    Priya recently posted…The End.My Profile

  7. I participated it the chalet last year and was thrilled to see my Alexa rank dropping. I needed to participate in the challenge last year for three reasons:
    1. Become a part of a community, get to know new bloggers and make my blog visible to a larger audience.
    2. Numbers mattered to me last year
    3. I needed the motivation to write regularly.
    After the challenge my Alexa ranking went back to where it earlier was because I couldn’t keep up reading other blogs consistently.
    This year I did register but when I got to know that I will need to read 10 blog posts daily, I freaked out and opted out before the challenge commenced.
    From my experience I have come to a conclusion that one should participate in writing challenges considering their own priorities for the blog and not because it’s some popular challenge.

    1. Of course this challenge is worth participating in and I’m glad you did! What annoyed me was the total lack of understanding on the part of the organisers who expected an unrealistic conforming to the rules.

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