Now that Ganesha has gone #GratitudeCircle.

8 thoughts on “Now that Ganesha has gone #GratitudeCircle.”

  1. I can tell you that you made the wisest decision to quit my friend Alexa. I finished it today and I feel pretty silly. My blog went on the reading list just once but some were read thrice to four times. Gross mismanagement.

  2. Thanks so much Sunita for the mention, much appreciated. Enjoyed your post and especially loved the photo of Ganesha in the decorated car. And drooled over the honeyed cake…

    I do hope you will get this comment on mine.

  3. I have never participated in the Ganesha festival though now some of my friends and family have started observing it – maybe next year I will take tips from you and do one at my home to see how I like it; I do have a silver one I think! Gosh I wil have to look it up!

    Love your verve to do things – you are my inspiration to do more Sunita! Please keep this spirit up and write about all that you do!!

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