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Pile of Garbage or Contemporary Masterpiece ? #WordlessWednesday

This morning I went to the Traffic Police Chowky to pay a fine.

Actually the Traffic Police have an app that you are supposed to download and track your offences . Then you are supposed to generate an echallan and pay by cash or card at any mobile phone pay centre.

Since I normally don’t break any rules, I never bothered to download the App but this time with all the roads being dug up, it is quite difficult to figure out what is right and what is wrong . It seems that I entered a road that was only meant for buses and was smartly flagged down by the cop. After he checked my licence, he photographed my car and asked me to pay up at the nearest police station .

What a fiddle I thought!

So I delayed paying my phone bill hoping to combine both jobs at one time when the driver returned from his Ganpati vacation ( Parking in Mumbai is IMPOSSIBLE and taxis are worse- they never come where you want to go) .

Anyways, when I went to the Vodafone Office ( another dreadful experience normally) I was pleasantly surprised to find the staff polite and HElPFUL. So one of them downloaded the App for me only to realise that it didn’t work.

Luckily, he helped me locate the nearest police station and I went there to pay the fine .

As usual a Government job is time consuming . Luckily this didn’t take far too much time but while waiting for the cop to attend to me, I looked around and found this pile of garbage .

I took the photo hoping to send it to the #Swachchbharat campaign only to find that when looked at in isolation, it does look like a pretty modern, abstract .

Doesn’t it ?

Do you think this pile of garbage can pass off as a contemporary masterpiece ?

Sharing this with Esha and Natasha on #WordlessWednesday.


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  1. Swach Bharat is nothing but an eye washer campaign. This looks really smelly and yucky. And the Govt apps are another sad case. But your humor is always spot on. It is always a pleasure to read your posts.

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