Sequel for Brunch, Sequel for Lunch, Sequel for anytime dining #FlavoursomeTuesday

16 thoughts on “Sequel for Brunch, Sequel for Lunch, Sequel for anytime dining #FlavoursomeTuesday”

  1. Marked the place for visiting Sunita. I grew jealous while reading the post as I could see three girls, each from different generation enjoying the food and rejuvenating the bond of togetherness. 😉

  2. I had to laugh at the start – seems “gentrification” is a thing in India, as well as in many parts of the US! But Sequel looks really good – tasty, refreshing, and relaxing. I’d love to hear about your dinner, if you go.

    Those smoothies look like my smoothies – super thick and mostly fruit and veggies. I never add sugar or honey to mine; just a banana or strawberries will do nicely for sweetening.
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    1. Gentrification may seem pretentious but it is far better than knocking down the old structures to make modern monstrosities that put a greater strain on our civic infrastructure.
      I myself don’t go in for smoothies but they seem to be a great healthy option .
      And dinner …. will definitely make it in this lifetime I hope

  3. I soooo love that place!! As I said in my Instagram post, each time I go town side, I feel like I have come home. 🙂 Guess I was born there in some past life.
    The food you clicked and shared here looks yummy! Let’s hope someday we go there, or somewhere else, maybe <3

    And, so sorry, Sunita. What with the ALexa thing and all, I completely forgot to link my post here.

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