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The morning after : would Ganpati have liked this? #MondayMusings

The Morning After

The morning after is always a disaster. Especially  if the party has been going on for 10 days as it was for Lord Ganesh.  Yesterday it was 10 days since Ganpati came down to Mother Earth in general and Maharashtra in particular. Ever since Lokmanya Tilak revived the tradition of a community Ganesh celebration, this festival has grown beyond the first Ganeshotsvan at Keshavji Chawl in Girgaon.  Year by year the idols are getting larger, the decorations more elaborate, the festivities more raucous and sadly the noise level deafening.

Mumbai , a city  that is already struggling with a burgeoning population, killer pot holes, traffic snarls with the Metro mess and uncontrolled number of cars, now also has to deal with disruptive festivities every now and then that literally bring religion out from homes, temples and churches and onto the roads.

Last Night

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Last night around 8 pm I got a frantic call from Anna Shetty who was scared to walk home against a crowd that was literally pouring onto the streets like a flood. She was called for an emergency and it took her an HOUR to get to the hospital. Luckily for the patient, the Lord was on his side and he could wait till the anaesthetist ( Anna Shetty) could attend to him.

If this was not bad enough, it was impossible for her to get home by car and finally abandoned the UBER to walk the last 500 m. home.  But it was literally like jumping from the fat into the fire as she had to push and shove her way through while trying hard to ignore the open groping that she was subjected to.

Luckily, the Lord was with her too, and she managed to get home to safety.

But the drums that were beating from 6 pm went on and on – loud, tuneless and completely ear shattering !The revellers carried on relentlessly regardless of the time restrictions and concern for young children and old people. Finally when they stopped beating, I woke up with a start, suddenly aware of the silence that descended early in the morning.

The morning after

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This morning while returning home from the school drop, I found the road a river of red and orange – powdered colour that the wild crowds had showered on the departing Elephant God and the cars parked along the roadside.

All that was left after 10 days of festivity was detritus and  debris .

I wondered if the Elephant God or any god for that matter would approve of the noise and the bawdy celebrations.

These are my personal thoughts and I would like to state that I am a practicing Hindu and respect the sentiment  and right of others to express their faith in the manner they choose to. All I ask of them is a little concern for those who cannot or will not share in their celebrations. Surely they have the right to a bit of peace and quiet too?

Dear Lord, I ask you, do You approve of this cacophony and crass commercialisation in Your name ? Click To Tweet

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