Waking up to the Gooodness of chocolate #MyFriendAlexa

Who doesn’t like chocolate ?

I find chocolate hard to resist and when I read Shilpa of Metanoia ‘s post about the benefits of chocolate on #FlavoursomeTuesdays , I couldn’t help drooling . FlavoursomeTuesdays is a blog hop that the both of us co-host on the first Tuesday of every month.

Little did I imagine that within the week, I’d be waking up to the goodness of chocolate with my own ‘little Christmas ‘ as Ms Papaya called it, when her mother returned from a business trip to Switzerland.

Now most people think Tobler when they think of Swiss Chocolate – those uniquely shaped triangular chocolates with chips of nougat and almond that give it a delightful crunch. Or they think Lindt that other famous brand.

Image for pure chocolate bliss


But how many of you have heard of Laderach?

My friend F who has been staying I Zurich over the past 20 years swears by Laderach a brand of chocolate that she claims is as artisan as it can get.

There is nothing quite like handmade chocolate says F and after this morning’s chocolate indulgence, I tend to agree with her .

Daughter No 1 opened her bags to reveal a veritable treasure chest. For the little ones there was a slab of coloured balls ( similar to Gems or Smarties) called Confetti. They also got chocolate lady bugs and chocolate frogs . And taking the nature theme further, there was a stash of thin maple leaves in pure milk chocolate .

For us adults she had got two varieties of bark -i.e a slab of chocolate. One with almonds. with almonds and the other with blueberries.

And to add to the variety she added some orange batons – candied orange peel coated with milk chocolate

But I have a weakness for assorted chocolates and it was hard to resist the stash of chocolates spread out on my dining table.

I had actually decided to give up eating sweets and hadn’t eaten a hint of sugar for the past 15 days. This stash of goodies was far too good to resist.



So, I must confess, I fell off the wagon and gave in to the temptation of pure chocolate bliss. I  just had to have a sample of each of the thin squares of assorted chocolates . What bliss it was to savour the delightful taste of honey, champagne , and hazelnut.

Honestly, would you have been able to resist?

Image of Bellybytes

p.s. Images of the Confetti, the Orange batons and the barks have been taken from the website of Laderach

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  1. How mean, Sunita!!! All that talk of chocolate and the pictures, too, and I can’t even reach into my screen and grab a few!!! 😛 Lucky you!Eat some more on my behalf. <3

  2. Ah! That’s like pure heaven for any chocolate lover! Totally drool-worthy I say! Oh, to feel that molten gooey chocolatey melt-in-the-mouth feeling that my friends and family who love chocolate swear by!!! Unfortunately, for me, even though I’ve often bought and gifted chocolates for all the kids in my extended family, and of course, friends, as well as the better-half, (who, btw, is a huge fan of chocolates!) I’ve preferred staying away from them, as I didn’t relish them at all. For me, fruits were the thing that tempted me, anytime and every time! Lovely post, Sunita. I’m joining you guys for #FlavoursomeTuesdays this week. 🙂

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