Why we need # WorldGratitudeDay

Why do we need #WorldGratitudeDay”?

Gratitude Day

I was one of those skeptics who not only pooh-poohed the whole idea but also avoided any Gratitude Posts put up on the blogosphere. Somehow I felt that putting out the things I appreciate would invite the “Evil Eye”. My friend Corinne often told me that this is not the case. But I still did not buy her belief.

This does not mean that I am not grateful for the things in my life. I just felt that it would somehow be boastful and even attract the ‘Evil Eye”. But there were times when I felt compelled to express my gratitude and actually linked up with Vidya Sury’s Gratitude Circle. Now I try to be a regular and find that it felt good.

What I learnt about doing a gratitude post is that

  • Expressing gratitude does not attract the evil eye. On the contrary, I realised that people are too busy with their own lives to think about what you’ve written about yourself and your life.
  • Expressing gratitude makes it easier to accept things. Very often, I grumble about the silly little things in my life. But when I take a step back and think about what could have been worse, I find that I should be grateful for what I have.
  • Expressing gratitude makes you realise that you do have a lot going for you. My life is a very ordinary life. Every day is just like every other day. I get up, get ready for the day, go through the day and at sun down get ready for bed. But humdrum as it may sound, when I write things down, I realise how grateful I should be that my life is just normal.
  • Expressing gratitude humbles you. And that’s when I realise that there is so much for me to be grateful for! It is not riches or travel or food or even things that make me happy. Just the ordinariness of life is abundance enough.

So every morning when I get up I Thank God that I’m alive to see the new day. Every night I express my thanks for the day gone by ( yes even if it is not my dream day).

Copy of Gratitude Day

Positivity attracts positivity and I realise now, why we need to have a World Gratitude Day. Because the positive energy generated by all those grateful souls on that day will create more momentum for more happy things to happen.

I’ve put up this post rather late in the day, but I did express my Gratitude to the Universe yesterday on #WorldGratitudeDay!

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