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An Egg-citing Breakfast #FlavoursomeTuesday

First thing in the morning

Suny side up

“Wake up! It’s morning!” For years I was woken up by these words – first by my dad and then by my girls . But I’m not complaining. I am a morning person. The first thing I do after leaping out of bed is my stretches and bends. Then I head to the kitchen for the best meal of the day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I definitely love a hearty breakfast before I do anything

My ideal  breakfast almost always consist of eggs.

A egg is an egg is an egg and I love a good egg. It doesn’t matter if it’s  scrambled, fried, baked or poached. I like them when they are spicy and scrambled like the legendary Parsi Akuri I like them when they are poached on a bed of potato crisps ( salli per eeda). I even like them as Mr. Kejriwal did as a good old Eggs Kejriwal . 

In search of a good egg

When Daughter No 1. who was here recently suggested grabbing a breakfast at the Kala Ghoda Cafe, I was more than happy to oblige.

Soon after we dropped off the kids to school, we drove down to Kala Ghoda, a part of the Fort district of Mumbai that once had an Equestrian statue of Edward VII.

Image for the original Kala Ghoda

Like all the other British statues , this one is now found in the zoo at Byculla but around two years ago, a brand new statue was placed in the Parking Lot. This prevents people from looking around for a horse that isn’t there.

The Cafe is a restored godown and started out small . Now it has expanded as has its menu and even at 8 am you will find it open for breakfast .

The fluffy three egg omelette I had ordered for myself was ginormous but well worth it . The oozing feta cheese melded with the crisp bacon to produce an omelette that was divine.

Daughter No 1 wanted to try the vegan option so went for a waffle that was made out of bajra and served with  melted honey and butter.

The complete meal

Eggs are a good source of protein ( they contain the 9 essential amino acids)  , omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and contain minerals like zinc, copper and iron.

A medium sized egg will have 75 calories with 7 g of protein, 5 g fat  and .6 g of saturated fat.

The best eggs in town Kala Ghoda Cafe                                    All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.     

                                                                  John Gunther


There are all kinds of options available for breakfast: right from the traditional poha, aloo puri, paratha or idli dosa to the myriad fry up options , the continental breakfast with assorted breads, cheeses  and jams, the wholesome English breakfast of porridge eggs and meat. 

But whatever your preference may be, don’t forget to have your breakfast!

Pray what is your favourite breakfast?

Image of Bellybytes

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6 Responses

  1. Alana says:

    Eggs are such a delight, and so versatile. I’m not familiar with most all of the preparations you cite, which is why this meme is so interesting. My normal weekday breakfast, rushing around and getting ready for work, is a bowl of Cheerios (a cold oat cereal in the shape of o’s, and not that sweet) with unsweetened almond milk. I do eat more omelets now that I am on Weight Watchers, as eggs are zero points on the current program.

  2. I love eggs, in any form and they definitely make breakfast eggciting 🙂 But my favourite is sunny side up. Shall surely visit this place…

  3. I too agree that breakfast is the most crucial thing. One should not avoid their breakfast for any reason. Looks like a hot place full of authentic breakfast items. The photos are tempting though I’m a strict vegetarian.
    Vasantha Vivek recently posted…Home Town Treats: Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai – #HomeTownTreats #FlavoursomeTuesdaysMy Profile

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