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I was waiting in traffic when I saw this wall with the message by the Pune Municipal Council exhorting the citizens to plant more trees .

The rest of the message said that green is clean.

But I’m quite sure they didn’t mean that plants should grow wild out of a wall that’s holding up a Railway track . Nor does this look like a particularly clean and green place.

Does it ?

I’m beginning to despair that even a basic task like keeping something clean is beyond the scope of ordinary people .

As for those wonderful people who man our Government departments, expecting them to do their work is a Utopian dream.

Has the Government’s Clean Green Campaign been successful in your part of the country?

I haven’t seen a sign of it , least of all in. Government related enterprise .

Sharing this post with Esha and Natasha on #WordlessWednesday.


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  1. Here in the United States, we mostly do local efforts at planting new trees and maintaining the trees that we’ve already planted. I was trained to be a tree steward, so that I can have the training necessary for tree maintenance.

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