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Fly me to the moon croons Hubby Dear à la  Frank Sinatra in his golden voice but I’m not waiting in line for a space trip organised by Elon Musk, Richard Branson  or even Jeff Bezos, the millionaires who promise to expand the frontieres of travel.  For me,  a simple ticket to places yet unknown (to me that is) on this planet would do.

Travel has always been in my blood ever since I came out into this world after a spicy batata wada and a bumpy rickshaw ride. And since my father was in a transferable job, I got to see a fair bit of the world.

Deceptive reality

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Conditioned into believing that all things Occidental are wonderful, large and awesome it often comes as a shock to find things aren’t so. The smallness of the Mona Lisa, its almost blink-and-you’ll-miss it – size comes as a surprise to first time travelers like me. Similarly, the old, dowager like appearance of Paris came as a real downer after years of yearning to see this seat of world culture.

On the other hand, the reality of  the Bund on the HuangPo  that stares out from a tapestry hanging in my hallway, is jaw droppingly modern and large!

My wall of memories where I display paintings from the cities and places I’ve travelled to.

Similarly, I was amazed at the vastness of the American sky as it stretched over the Grand Canyon, the dizzily high tower of the Burj Al Khalifa reaching out to the Dubai sky.

Tastes & Sounds

Dear world, you have revealed to me the tangy, sweetness of crisp Peking duck at Dadong  and the vibrant busyness of New York. You have shown me  the vast silence of the Grand Canyon and made me smell the brown in Autumn leaves . You have made me hear the crashing sound of water falling down Niagara and the brooks bubbling in the Himalayas. I close my eyes and listen to the gentle paddle of the oar in a Gondola or a boat in the backwaters. My heart raced with fear as I went up the funicular, leaving the brilliant blue of Lake Como into a tiny speck below. A peacock in New Jersey came as a welcome surprise while a cow in the middle of a busy street in Mumbai came as no surprise at all!

What joy it was to see not one scoop but three of delicious gelato, savour the delicate sweetness of macaron as the HOHO bus wound through the streets of Paris, the wonder of the first sliver of Herring as it slithered down my throat

My heart longs for more

Yet despite my long travels that have seen me tramp side streets, drive miles and sail on seas, I still know that there is more to see. More to discover. More to savour. More to experience.

“I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” – John Green

When all it takes is a click of a button and the flash of a phone screen, the joys of travel , meeting new people , experiencing new cultures and facing new challenges has become easier than pie.

But walk down unknown paths and sail through uncharted seas ?

No, not for me. Give me a sea facing cabin on the upper deck of a cruise liner, or a first class seat on a plane.I’m willing to visit any place even places I normally wouldn’t dare.

My soul wants to cross desert sands on camel back with my heart in my mouth. Or sit atop an elephant as it trundles along in the jungles of SriLanka.

I want to experience the eerie yet magical light show of the Northern skies ,  the romance of the Galapagosthe plains of South America, the Outback of Australia. I want to visit once more the places I’ve been to like the beaches of Bali, the Straits of Malaca. 

There’s still a lot left of the world – too much to list here – for me to experience once more the feeling of awe and wonder when I see the world. But you make the list, dear World, for me to discover.

Because even though there’s lots I have seen,  I want to #SayYesToTheWorld  and fill up my wall of memories with more hand painted pictures and memories.  


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I’m participating in #TheBlindList, a contest organised by #Indiblogger and Lufthansa’s new campaign #SayYesToTheWorld


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Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. So poetic Sunita, as I was reading, the song A Wonder Like You came into my mind. I love travelling too, but I travel now to visit people I know rather than just to see a new place. Mumbai is one of my favourite places to visit and catching up with schoolfriends tops any destination in the world. Next time I’m in Mumbai will definitely catch up with you too.
    Suzy recently posted…Best Friend Stories #LifeThisWeek #FridayReflectionsMy Profile

    1. Thanks Vidya . Yes the Mona Lisa is a major disappointment and the only way you can identify it is by the number of people in front of it !
      And I collect paintings/ sketches from every place I visit because I never have time to look at photo albums.

  2. Oh yes the Mona lisa was disappointing; the huge crowd in front was a dampner to my enthusiasm too. Instead I headed back to Venus Di Milo and drooled for ages 😉

    Reading your post was like journeying with you to see the marvellous world we live in. First class seats sound utter bliss and if only thats how we could always travel.

    May you get your wishes from this travel list and head off to the next destination soonest!!

    1. I hope so too ! I’ve almost always travelled economy and have even gone by Third Class Indian Railways at times – so apart from the bullock cart and Concorde, I seem to have used most modes of transport ! And I’m waiting for the first class travel …

  3. Wow! You seem to be a globe-trotter, Sunita, the kind every soul dreams of becoming. I am amazed by your adventurous spirit, your eagerness to see more of this beautiful world and enjoy it to the fullest. Sitting on a camel in a desert safari….gulp…that’s not something for the faint hearted!

    I so hope your travel dreams come true and you get to see more of the world! <3

    1. Yes I have seen quite a bit of the world and am lucky to have been able to do so. And I do hope I can see the rest of the world before it becomes impossible . I’m not too sure about the camel ride ……

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