Life comes full circle #FlavoursomeTuesday

Life comes full circle #FlavoursomeTuesday

Little Po and Ms Papaya are on holiday. Keeping young children amused is always quite a task. Luckily these two who are only 5 weeks apart, are kindred spirits. They can spend hours by themselves chattering away like chipmunks .

Everyday they indulge in what educationists call ‘Dramatic Play’ where they recreate adult situations like school , house etc .

Suddenly Ms Papaya had a brainwave.

“How ‘ bout we have a tea party for the toys?” she asked me in her beguiling way.

It was hard to resist her winsome smile and twinkling eyes so I scrubbed their kitchen toys clean and assembled a tray for them.

As they poured out the watered down tea and chomped on the cheese sandwiches, I remembered my own granny who used to give me puffed rice and jaggery to play house with my dolls!

Life does come full circle doesn’t it?

Do you have a food memory to share ? So join me and Shilpa on our monthly blog hop #FlavoursomeTuesday on 6th November.

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