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Monet’s Bridge? #ThursdayTreeLove

Image for Weeping willowI’m off this morning to wish my mom a happy birthday. 120 km is quite a long way to go to wish someone! But this time she asked for me to come so I’m being the good daughter. However, as my family says I’m addicted to my blog so I just had to share this picture of Monet’s Bridge that I captured two years ago during my stay in the US.

I’m not too sure where this picture is taken . Is it NJ or is it in California?

Whatever it is, I love this peaceful scene of trees skimming the water and framing the bridge that is a copy of the one that inspired Monet.

Sharing this with other tree lovers at Parul’s #ThursdayTreeLove-49.


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  1. It’s beautiful. My guess is Lovegrove Gardens on an island across from Ft. Myers, Florida – not that far from my beloved Sanibel Island (well, I’ve only been to Sanibel twice in my life but it was instant love). This garden is on my “must visit” list, although I’ve never had a chance to visit it. I only get to Florida once every three or four years, although that may change once I retire.
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    1. Would you really want to settle in Florida after years of living in the cold ? I think this photo was taken in California . I pulled this out of my archives and can’t seem to remember where it’s from .

  2. Awesome:) I loved this tree and the whole ambience, so peaceful and relaxing – I would love to take a break in this place sometimes:) admire this tree and so kind of you to share – thank you sunitha.

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