My View, Their View : A generational difference #MondayMusings

I always imagined myself to be a cool mom. I also thought I was a cool granny. But just this weekend, this illusion was rudely shattered.

On Saturday evening I went to see a movie that is playing for the second week in Mumbai’s cinemas. This, in itself is a rarity for English movies rarely play for a week these days. This is partly due to the fact that our indigenous movie industry has grown up.  Bollywood, Tollywood and any other Wood , produce equally good if not better movies than Hollywood.

Their View

However, when both Anna Shetty and Daughter No. 1 said almost simultaneously, “Mom, you must see ‘A Star is Born”, I thought I’d better listen. If both of them recommended it highly and said that I should watch it alone if no one else was willing, it had to be a good movie. Besides I had seen the Barbara Streisand one . That was a lifetime ago. I don’t remember a thing about it save the names of the lead actors but  I knew that I enjoyed that one.

So “A star is Born ” was written on my cards.

Red-Letter Day

Luckily for me , Hubby Dear  aka the reluctant movie goer agreed to accompany me to the late evening show. He surprised me by actually buying the tickets earlier in the day. Unlike most people who buy tickets on line, we actually go to the theatre and buy it. So this was a big thing.

It has been more than 6 months since I last saw a movie in a theatre. And, I think it has been more than a year since Hubby and I went for a movie and dinner date. So this was a Red-Letter Day after all.

With everything sorted out, we set out well in time for the show. Settling down after the mandatory National Anthem, I was all prepared for an enjoyable night out .

My view

I was warned by my girls who know my opinion about drugs and alcohol yet I was disturbed when I saw Jackson Maine ( the gorgeously handsome Bradley Cooper who has also directed this movie)pop a few pills right at the beginning . Then when I saw him, a grungy looking , aging pop star, I got even more put off .

Seeing Ally ( Lady Gaga) didn’t help – she looked like another girl who had never had a bath. The meeting of Jackson and Ally at a Gay bar was another scene that disturbed me . In fact, the film got progressively worse . I felt sick when Jackson said he sired by a 63 year old man who had knocked up an 18 year old girl.  How dysfunctional was the movie ?

Despite Bradley Cooper’s puppy dog eyes,I just couldn’t see the romance in the story  . Lady Gaga came across as a brash, bratty performer and not the shy, ingenue she was supposed to be .

As for the language – it was unbearably crude.

So when the interval was announced we walked out .

Yet as we were leaving , I realised that most of the audience was white haired and arthritic. Where were all the youngsters who this movie was targetted at? Hubby Dear of course pointed out that it was Saturday night and most Millennials would be partying.

Then it struck me that most of the golden oldies who made up crowd  were possibly aging Hippies too who had been there and done that.

The Verdict

Totally unsuitable for a prudish, senior citizen audience.

I’m leaving you with a clip of the movie.

I hope you enjoyed this movie .

I know for sure that the next time I go for a movie I will read the review on Rotten Tomatoes!

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Ciao and hope you have a good week!

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Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. Well I havent even heard of this movie; yeah I do live under a rock at times 😉

    Your view of it made me cringe so much; Gosh why make such a crass and bitter movie? What is this supposed to portray?

    I went for a movie after ages and it was Andhadhun – enjoyed it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much that I would recoo it instantly. Its a dark comedy with such brilliant twists and acting. Loved Ayushman in this one tonnes. If you havent watched it, please do!!!

  2. Hahahaha…had a laugh reading this review and personal account of watching the movie. I may sound like an immodest person for laughing at your peril, but thats exactly what I felt. I hope the dinner date went ahead smoothly after this bombed movie date, Sunita.
    On a second thought, I think you now have enough to agree on with your better half and debate on with your daughter and grand daughter! All the time and money invested in this movie outing doesnt appear waste this way.
    Going by your review, I am saving my money for a better one.

  3. I loved the music and I like the stars. There are drugs and his alcoholic behavior but she still makes it; I looked at the positive. But eAch to his own I suppose.

  4. I was planning to watch but now I am in two minds. I absolutely loved the part “Then it struck me that most of the golden oldies who made up the crowd were possibly aging Hippies too who had been there and done that”

    1. Oh Balaka let not my view colour your movie. You are of my daughters’ generation so you will definitely love it ! Please do see it and enjoy the movie. I only cautioned oldies like me to be prepared to not like it .

  5. Hadnt heard of this movie till I read your post. I absolutely adore Bradley Cooper. So now I am in double mind whether to go for this movie or not. Also I am not a gaga fan. BTW, I liked this style of review, honest and personal.

    Recently I watched andhadhun, it came highly recommended. Also being ayushman fan, I went for the movie without checking out the details. Though everyone enjoyed the movie, I didn’t, simply because it was not my genre. Now going for badhai ho which is what ayushman khurana excels at – comedies.
    Anshu Bhojnagarwala recently posted…Book Review – Forty Rules of LoveMy Profile

    1. I’m surprised you haven’t . It’s a Millennial treat. Do see it . You will enjoy it . My girls did .
      And it is important to read reviews and go only because the tickets are so expensive ! I’ve seen movies at Rs 1.50 a ticket so anything beyond rs 100 is pure thuggery 😉

  6. I caught the trailer when I watched “Oceans *” and it looked so disturbing , not mind kind of movie at all. I also need to take my 4 year old along and cant imagine catching a thrash movie like this

  7. Hi, I don’t want to sound offensive, but I have read several reviews of this movie which say that this movie is amazing and a nice watch. The scenes, the language, the references are somewhat necessary in the context of the movie. Both Bradley and Lady GaGa have acted superbly in this movie, that’s what I heard. And the music soundtrack of this movie is also worth listening. That’s why I will have to see it myself to find out what’s it all about :). But I will surely keep your views in mind. It is yet to get released here in Calcutta.
    The last two movies I am thoroughly impressed to watch were Searching and First Man, just amazing, both of them.

    1. Not at all offensive ! My own daughters loved this movie for the exact same reasons you cited . As I mentioned this is my persona preference and possibly the fact that I got put off just meant that the acting was so authentic !
      By all means enjoy the movie – I’m sure you will . Take along a bag of popcorn and chill !

  8. I read about the movie in the papers and thought if Bradley Cooper has directed it, it must be good! I know, impressions can be deceiving. Maybe, he is just a better actor! I have never heard Lady Gaga sing so I wouldn’t have seen the movie anyway. But, it sure as hell hurts when a movie begins the way this one did…

  9. Hahaha, I think that was one honest movie review Sunita! Most films I watch with my kids nowadays is just like that! And let me tell you, they totally disapprove of my eye-rolling when they ask me afterwards how I liked the movie! Yes, it is a plain and simple case of generational gap. We are unable to relate to the theme of such movies and most of the language and scenes are pretty offensive! Sigh, prudish we are and proud about it too!

  10. Sunita, I was actually going to go catch this one as my twenty year old said it was highly recommended. But reading your review has propelled a change of mind. Thanks heavens for that.

    Not a fan of Lady Ga Ga. So was not too keen either. Feel she behaves quirky just to grab eye balls.

    I love quirky but not the odd-ball quirky.
    So, yes, thank you for this #MondayMusings post. Atta girl you. <3
    Natasha recently posted…Another Gem in the Wall: #WordlessWednesdayMy Profile

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