Purple Passion # TellTaleThursday

Paris or Venice ?

It was a toss up between the two. Shreya wanted to go to Paris as it was the city of love while Vicky wanted to go to Venice.

He fell in love with the city after hearing the story of the Purple Beads of Passion.

It was rather a strange story to tell a little boy but he loved hearing her tell him how the translucent glass Morano beads she always wore round her neck came to be there.

“It was the last day of our honeymoon , ” granny said . ” I was reluctant for it to end . Ten glorious , unforgettable days in Tuscany.

And as I packed my bag, I saw this shimmering necklace under the pillow ! It was the most romantic thing your Grandpa had ever done ! Sneaking out of our hotel, sailing down the canals to the Piazza San Marco and hiding this under my pillow!

The beads reminded him of my eyes he said and he wanted me to have these to remind me of Venice.”

And those beads never left his granny’s neck till she put them on Shreya.

Fingering the purple beads as the gondola went past the houses, Shreya marvelled at the blue , pink and purple sky reflected in the water , shimmering like the glass beads.

“Cold? ” asked Vicky

“Mmmmm…” she said contentedly, snuggling closer.” Granny was right !”

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