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We’ve now entered the last quarter of the year and somehow this has made me more reflective.

What has made this year different from the rest ?

For starters, this is the year most of my class mates have turned or will turn 60.

Funnily all of us still think we’re young. That is till we see each other – then we spot the hair that’s fallen, the waists that have spread and the walk that’s not sprightly as it was before.

But yet we have a spirited conversation-on Whatsapp: slightly more polite and definitely more politically correct than what we had as callow adolescents.

While going through my photos, I came across this video I made when I shared an afternoon with my oldest friend .

Two seas separate us and time zones prevent us from chatting daily. But when we meet it’s like we never parted.

Thinking of you dear friend this Friday evening . Hope your weekend is happy .


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  1. It is nice to have friendships which last decades. Is it your school in the video?

    I enjoyed reading about you and your friends still thinking of themselves as young when they all are turning 60. Gives me hope for myself. I wonder from time to time why am I not growing (in my head) with the changing number every year on my birthday. I am nearing 40s but when I think about it, I ask how is it possible because I am still stuck at 24, not even a day older.

    1. There you’ve got the answer! You always think you are young till you look at yourself in the mirror . No this wasn’t our school . But our school is equally grand . And old !

  2. Ah! So lovely and so wonderful isn’t it catching up with an old friend? I am remembering my good friend with whom I share a similar bond. We catch up every month over the phone and relive our lovely memories whenever we speak. She is an old school friend who was also a roomie in my hostel days and we always have so much to chat about. And, the best part is, in this day and age when friendships come and go at the drop of a hat, I’m glad I have a few good ones who’ve stuck on for decades.
    Esha M Dutta recently posted…Why Giving Up Can Never Be An Option | #FridayReflectionsMy Profile

  3. Ah I can so relate. I never feel older, unless I look in the mirror. But I always felt that this will change in some years, but considering past experience I was skeptical about that. And now after reading your post, I feel like this will never change, and I am glad. Young at heart – always and forever.

    P.S. Where did you shoot that video? Your old school? Someone’s house?
    Shantala recently posted…Why I Stopped Posting Quarterly Goals on My Blog (Among Other Things)My Profile

  4. IN an introspective mode too at the end of the quarter, I feel I have aged substantially( though technically I aint that old). ITs not just the hair or the wider waistline bu its the approach to a lot og things in life that have changed. Maturity builds with age, introspection and perception of things changes.
    Well in a way its good, but in a way, I prefer going back to more carefree days.

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