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Today is the fourth day of Diwali and many people in India have reason to celebrate.
But in another part of the world, particularly the US, many have cause to celebrate too ! The Itinerant Blogger shares with you, her reasons to celebrate the 6th of November .

A reason to celebrate

Tuesday Nov 6 was a historic day in the US – it was mid term elections.

And it was historic for women: as of Wednesday, 95 women won their House races. In total at least 118 women will serve in the 116th Congress, up from the current 107. These women also represent diverse interests: different religions and ages.
As a woman, I feel so proud.
I have lived in the US half my life, and until recently thought it was very gender equal.
Let me back track a bit to give you some context: growing up in India, I was keenly aware of how women in some families were discriminated. Sometimes it was the desire to have a male child or sons getting preferential treatment. On the other hand, the US narrative in my head, painted a much rosier pictures – women are equal partners with men.
Yet, at an industry conference a few weeks ago, I was shocked to hear other women share that they felt a gender bias growing up, in the US!
I realized that gender discrimination is less overt here.
I spoke with lots of friends to dissect and analyze these thoughts – they confirmed my new found insight – it was less overt! Hence my joy in Wednesday’s election news.

A year of firsts

A lot of media are labeling this news as “notable firsts”. In the spirit of “firsts” , as I recap 2018, I realize I had my year of notable firsts too. They are:
– first time taking my car to the car wash (don’t judge, I always let my partner take it for me previously but this time I had no one)
– first time selling a car, despite having owned 2 cars in my life (again, not depending on someone else)
– first time managing a local move, right from finding reliable movers, packing and moving – all while working full time and managing a toddler
So this is my year of notable firsts too: of doing jobs that I traditionally had not done.
These may seem mundane, but to me are a huge deal. I have proven that I can do anything I set my mind too.
I will not let others’ boundaries define me. Women can do it!
Here’s hoping I add more “firsts” on my personal 2019 list. Top of the list is learning to dance! Followed by hosting a book club that talks about topics like this.
This post set me thinking about my own firsts this year
– my first ever surprise party . Anna Shetty surprised me with a delightful birthday celebration.
– my first real Winter of snowstorms. I had never experienced a real snowstorm and it was quite scary!
– my first ever girlie holiday with school friends.
– my first ever attempt at hosting a LINKY Party.
What about you ?
Hoping to hear your stories of your firsts!
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6 Responses

  1. Aarati says:

    Thanks for sharing…. and I loved your year of firsts too!

  2. Shalzmojo says:

    I agree – gender discrimination is everywhere; it only varies in the degree! Happy to hear your firsts Sunits – snowstorm sounds bloody scary. I guess the scariest First for me would be an MRI scan that I went for – it freaked me out like anything and I wished I had asked someone to come with me.

  3. Akshata says:

    Hearing about your firsts is awesome! They may seem small things but as you rightly said doing them all by yourself feels awesome! For me , my first holiday where I got into the swimming pool and actually swam rather than played around because I just learnt swimming. It felt awesome
    Akshata recently posted…The Prank #FridayFictioneersMy Profile

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