A Stitch in Time Saves Nine #MondayMusings

How many of you remember this proverb?

I do , especially since I love sewing.

Very simply put, it means that if you have something that needs mending, it is prudent to mend it before the damage becomes irreparable. Today I want to tell you about a lady whose passion for sewing matches mine. But Renu’s passion for sewing has gone beyond mere stitching to a skill that has saved her life and the lives of other women.


“I am certain that a Sewing Machine would relieve as much human suffering as a hundred Lunatic Asylums, and possibly a good deal more.” ― Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace.jpg

Sewing has always been my passion and since the age of 8 I would spend my free time dressing up my dolls with my rudimentary needle work. If I didn’t have cloth to stitch, I would make my paper dolls dress up with either the clothes that they came with or dresses that I drew out myself.

During my college years I actually joined a sewing class so that I could stitch the odd top myself. Later on, when my girls were little, I actually went to a weekly sewing class so that I could stitch up garments for my two daughters. It was fun meeting in Mrs. Castellino’s class on Thursday afternoon. There used to be around 5 of us round her huge dining table, each one of us working on a different garment. And while we stitched one stitch at a time, we shared our life stories, cracked jokes and of course learnt how to stitch like professional tailors.

So Renu Karotia’s Sewing Circle resonates with me. I know how therapeutic it can be to be a part of a sewing circle.   And if the circle is aimed at empowering women to supplement their family incomes, it is all the more essential to save it. Unfortunately, Renu Karotia’s Sewing Circle is facing a cash crunch and if it doesn’t receive funding in time, it will die out.

When I met a group of bloggers last week, Damyanti who is spearheading the campaign to raise funds for Project Why explained why it is important to keep this activity going. And Shalz, another blogger who I met,  had also visited Project Why in Delhi and endorsed her view.

Thus, I am appealing to all my readers to spread the word around so that this brave lady’s sewing circle can take the next stitch forward.

You can read more about Project Why and how you can help fund this project here.

If you can contribute in any way however small , please do. Because a stitch in time saves nine!

I’m sharing this post with Corinne of EverydayGyaan , the gracious host of  #MondayMusings and Damyanti’s Fundraiser to save #Project Why

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