Anchors Up#TellTaleThursday


Champak looked furtively at the anchor tattooed on the inside of his index finger.

Every time he looked at it, he felt a warm cosy feeling in his heart.

And now he held a love letter! From Hilda! He kissed the envelope.

He hastily tore it open.

Out fell the picture of him and Hilda holding hands to commemorate that memorable day when the two of them had strolled along the beach while the Mehta family were lunching at the beach shack.

It seemed providential, he thought, that the family decided to drive down to Goa rather than fly down with the children and Hilda ( their nanny).  He turned over the picture and  his face turned pale as he read

Dear Champak,

Sorry, you cannot be the anchor in my life anymore. My husband is ill and I cannot leave him now. Love you forever Hilda

Champak sighed. A tear fell down as he looked at his hand. Obviously, their love wasn’t as permanent as the tattoo.

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