On the Coffee Trail -1 #FlavoursomeTuesdays

15 thoughts on “On the Coffee Trail -1 #FlavoursomeTuesdays”

  1. You sound like a seasoned coffee afficiando. What reviews of each blend – I am amazed and can say honestly that I can decide on my cuppa from this selection, purely by your Review.

    Please do share an image of the coffee percolator -been looking for one since ages but unsure which one to buy

  2. I love my coffee and am a bit of a coffee snob. This must have been fun to try out. I’m taking back some authentic south Indian filter coffee with me {not a fancy brand} but also looking forward to going back to my double shot lattes at home. Also, you have coffee at night? If I do that, I can’t sleep! I can’t have coffee after 2 p.m. if I want to sleep well
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  3. Wow! You are a true coffee connoisseur, Sunita!!! I so loved reading this post, as I do reading every post of yours.
    I gave up coffee some time back. I do drink if offered, or if I am outdoors, but at home, I stay away from the brew.
    I would love to try out one of these some day..:) <3

    1. You can do the same with tea! There are hundreds to chose from. I like either the fermented teas from China ( Pu’er) or the Taj Mahal brand that made Zakir Hussain go Wah!

  4. Such a coffeelicious review, sunita. I like the names of the coffee to be honest. I like my coffee black and strong. A few days ago my hubby opened a new packer which had hints of caramel, it got a major thumbs down from me. I like these coffees suggested by you, will ask my hubby to buy them in his next coffee shopping spree.

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