On the Coffee Trail -1 #FlavoursomeTuesdays

In search of  the best coffee

As promised in my last linky party, I’m sharing with you my month long experience of looking for a good, ground coffee.

I started out with The Flying Squirrel that sent me 7 sample packets  of coffee. I don’t know whether it was a good idea or a bad one because oftentimes, a wide choice leaves you more confused than ever!

However, since I am always unsure of what I really like and what I really want, an option like this is actually the best for a person like me. I now know exactly how I like my coffee. At different times of day, I like different kinds of coffee.

For instance, early in the morning I like my coffee dark and strong to wake me up to seize the day.

In the middle of the morning or perhaps early in the afternoon when I don’t want tea, I like my coffee milky and sweet – made with the flavour of the South.

And late at night after a sumptuous dinner, I like a well rounded brew that is soft on the palate and doesn’t leave any bitter aftertaste. Image for On The Coffee Trail

 Ordering and delivery

I ordered the coffee online on the 5th of  November.It  was a seamless transaction. I didn’t have to jump hoops to figure out the site. And I could easily access the pop ups that gave more details about each coffee,The coffee was delivered in three days in a no frills package that immediately won my approval. I hate excess packaging and frou-frou that needlessly add to the cost of the product.

The seven flavours sent to me were Parama – the flagship blend designed by the sought after coffee guru Sunalini Menon, Aromatique –  100% Single origin luxury Arabic beans, Sunkissed– Sundried pulp for buttery fruitiness , Sattva – 100% single origin Arabica, Deep Bliss – Tall dark and handsome, Cafe Chic – South Indian Chicory Blend and Clouds in my Coffee – Exotic and rare Monsooned Malabar

The Tasting

I had the option of opening each packet at one time and trying out the coffees at the same time . This made the most sense, but me being me , I preferred to try each coffee one at a time. This was largely to preserve the freshness of each packet.


So I started out with the exotic sounding Clouds in my coffee and it turned out to be the artisan Monsooned Malabar . For those who don’t know, this process was discovered purely by accident . The beans in the cargo vessel carrying them to Europe got wet in the monsoon rains  imparting a different flavour when processed. 
Taking a spoonful per person, I put two scoops into the filter chamber . I poured two cups of water into the water chamber and and waited expectantly as it percolated . Within minutes the house was smelling of coffee .
Now came the moment of truth .
Was it going to be as exquisite as it promised ?
The deep dark liquor promised to be strong and I sipped hesitantly. Had I put in too much coffee ? Perhaps I had because the next day when I adjusted the coffee to one spoon per cup, it was pretty much perfect.
Image for Clouds in My Coffee

Next in line

This pack lasted for 3 days and on Armistice Day I opened Parama which was the Flagship coffee of the Flying Squirrel. It was slightly less strong and had less body than the Clouds in my Coffee. It was a bit disappointing after the strong Monsooned Malabar.
Image for Parama
The Parama was a bit of a let down considering it was the flagship product of the Flying Squirrel. It was also designed specially by the world famous coffee expert Sunalini Menon. I have no idea who she is but assume she is a big nose in the business.
 But Hubby Dear said it was perfect after lunch and as long as he was happy I was happy!
But the unanimous decision was that this coffee is not going to percolate in my house .

Truly aromatique

The 50 g packets finish soon enough and we opened the next one in the sample pack. This was chosen randomly and when I opened the packet , I found the grounds a lighter brown – not the deep dark colour that one normally associated with a good coffee . As I let the coffee percolate I was wondering if the Aromatique would disappoint .
Image for Aromatique
This was a pure case of what you see is not what you get. Despite the lighter coloured coffee powder , the actual liquor was dark and strong . It had a slightly lemony flavour at the end and more body than the Parama. It was also milder than the Monsooned Malabar and was enjoyable black . But with sugar and milk, it came close to the original South Indian brew .

Three down and four to go

Next up  was Deep Bliss which is described as tall dark and handsome. In powder form it wasn’t ebony dark but as it brewed  it did become a deep handsome. It was lighter to drink but had a lovely flavour and could very well become my next brew.Image for DeepBliss

The essence of Coffee

Image for Sattva
SATTVA which is 100% organic Arabica has a strong taste and makes a good after dinner brew. It is equally good au lait too. I don’t know if this will be my brew of choice but could well be.

A different cuppa

As the days went by, Hubby Dear realised that he could fix his own cup of coffee. And one day he gave me a cup of the most  gorgeous brew.  It turned out to be a cup of Cafe Chic

Image for Cafe Chic

It was the perfect kaapi I’d had in the longest time.
I soon found out why.  it contained chicory so it wasn’t surprising that it tasted like the real South Indian blend .

Perfect for a morning break

Now all that’s left to try was Sunkissed that promised to be a truly artisan offering . It is pulp sundried for a buttery fruitiness in your cup.
Image for Sunkissed
This was the last sample . It was dark as a powder and dark as a brew. Light and tasty with a well rounded feel think it is good for a mid morning coffee break.
All in all, I enjoyed my tasting coffee with The Flying Squirrel.  I hope you find this review useful . Let me assure you that this is NOT a sponsored post. I found this vendor purely by random .

Hubby Dear too got into the spirit of things and actually began to enjoy the game.

Alas, the coffees got over and I am now on to my next trial – Barista from the Indian Bean Co.


I do hope you enjoyed this last edition of #FlavoursomeTuesdays for 2018.

Please do join Shilpa of Metanoia and Me on this table where you are invited to share your foodie experiences.

Looking forward to seeing you at our table. Drop your links at the Linky below.




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15 Responses

  1. Oh…. What a wide range of coffees you had enjoyed. your writing was more aromatic than these coffees. Thanks for sharing this as I am a Coffee lover. My entry for #flavoursometuesdays – https://mysweetnothings.in/home-town-treats-srivilliputhur-palkova/.

  2. Aarati says:

    Loved the descriptions… and being part of this experiment.

  3. shalzmojo says:

    You sound like a seasoned coffee afficiando. What reviews of each blend – I am amazed and can say honestly that I can decide on my cuppa from this selection, purely by your Review.

    Please do share an image of the coffee percolator -been looking for one since ages but unsure which one to buy

  4. I love my coffee and am a bit of a coffee snob. This must have been fun to try out. I’m taking back some authentic south Indian filter coffee with me {not a fancy brand} but also looking forward to going back to my double shot lattes at home. Also, you have coffee at night? If I do that, I can’t sleep! I can’t have coffee after 2 p.m. if I want to sleep well
    Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted…Weekly Gratitude 2018 48/52My Profile

  5. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Wow! You are a true coffee connoisseur, Sunita!!! I so loved reading this post, as I do reading every post of yours.
    I gave up coffee some time back. I do drink if offered, or if I am outdoors, but at home, I stay away from the brew.
    I would love to try out one of these some day..:) <3

    • Bellybytes says:

      You can do the same with tea! There are hundreds to chose from. I like either the fermented teas from China ( Pu’er) or the Taj Mahal brand that made Zakir Hussain go Wah!

  6. Thats an awesome range of coffee to taste. Much as I still stick to my fav filter coffee, I would love to indulge in getting a whiff of the flying squirrel…

  7. Such a coffeelicious review, sunita. I like the names of the coffee to be honest. I like my coffee black and strong. A few days ago my hubby opened a new packer which had hints of caramel, it got a major thumbs down from me. I like these coffees suggested by you, will ask my hubby to buy them in his next coffee shopping spree.

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