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Through a rain of light #WordlessWednesday

Image of Antilla lit up It is not every day that almost a whole public street is bathed in a rain of light as was Altamount Road last night .

For several days now the road has seen frenetic activity with a ton of workmen working furiously to decorate Antilla for the wedding celebration of its owner’s daughter.

Finally last night it was all done and there was a traffic jam of sorts as the cars driving down slowed down for the photos.

I was no exception but Hubby Dear being Hubby Dear defused to join the crawl and executed a U turn.

But me being me , insisted on seeing this once in a lifetime illumination.

So I woke before sun up and had my own drive through the rain of light .

Fairy lights dangled from the branches of this tree lined avenue . And in their midst were garlands of marigolds with bells, of gold and red , parrots and traditional brass lamps.

I know this is supposed to be a single photo shot but honestly, I just had to share these gorgeous photos with all the world to see .

Linking up with Esha and Natasha on #WordlessWednesday-89.

Hope your week is going well !


Image of Bellybytes

It felt magnificent to say the least.

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  1. My personal thoughts are conservative. I feel media gives undue attention to all such wedding and so is social media. There are far more important things that newspaper should highlight than this trivial stuff.

    1. Of course this is not of national importance but I can’t help admire the family for managing to make money ‘legitimately’ or at any rate in a more noble way than our confirmed criminals and politicians

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