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I know it’s Thursday a week late, but as they say, it’s better late than never. It’s also true that the more you give, the more you get. You may not get back what you give such as money for money or love for love . What you get back may be something quite different,  like satisfaction, contentment and a feeling of fulfillment.

Despite the many moments that were nothing to go gaga about, there were many occasions this November past for which I felt I  grateful . And as I practice gratitude, I find that I have more to be grateful for. Hence, I’m writing this Grateful for November post.

It’s all in the family

To begin with Anna Shetty and her family who had  moved in with us during October while their house was being painted, moved out just as daughter No. 1 returned home.  I am grateful that they came when they did because it made things easier for Ms Papaya to stay with her grandparents while her mom was away. Children love the company of young children and while the  geriatrics in our home love their chitter- chatter , I doubt the young ones love the constant ‘shhhh’ from us oldies!

With Diwali setting the tone for November, life it seemed was like one big party.


This was a month where I met up with many friends – old friends, new friends and virtual friends.

The month began with a birthday celebratory lunch with my friends at a fancy restaurant. This group of friends meets specially on each other’s birthdays or as close to the day as possible, thus ensuring that in our busy lives we still find time to meet.

I am a foodie at heart while Hubby Dear is not. This means that we rarely go out on a food adventure. So I am more than happy to accompany foodie friends who want to check out new restaurants. I was more than willing to accompany D to Boteca , trendy restaurant in BKC . I must say it didn’t disappoint.

With my hectic domestic life, I find it difficult to meet up with my friends. But this month I managed to squeeze in two casual meetings over tea with some other friends whom I had not seen over a month.

And the last meeting was a  delightful meeting with my virtual friends.  As a blogger I was always keen on finding the faces behind the bloggers that I connected with in the blogospere. Once again I was happy that reality and virtuality almost coincided.


Since this was Ms Papaya’s first Diwali we celebrated it with rangoli, lights and oil baths. Once again, the celebrations were far from traditional rituals because in our home, joy comes before tradition. I feel they are too small to be bound by traditions that will make them resent the festival. There is time enough to teach them the ‘proper’ way to celebrate. Thus, the children loved our modified ritual baths and made their own ‘Transformer Rangoli’. Once again,  we established a new Diwali tradition.

Though Thanksgiving is not part of our cultural scene, Daughter No.1 who had just returned from the US wanted a turkey . However, it turned out a celebration that was a non starter. To begin with, there was no turkey and when I did get the substitute chicken, Firstly, there was no one to celebrate! So I had to stuff my chicken into the freezer and eat the made-from-scratch Pumpkin Pie largely by myself! But the good thing was that I learnt how to make Pumpkin Pie.


Hubby Dear is not a moviegoer and I was surprised that I could drag him to  another movies this month. After our disastrous movie experience last month , I was quite surprised that he made only one PEE CALL during the movie ‘ Aani Kashinath Ghanekar’ ( For those who don’t know, when a movie gets tense or unpleasant for him, Hubby Dear makes his PEE CALL ) . The biopic of Kashinath Ghanekar the celebrated Marathi stage actor was disturbing in parts but enjoyable all the same .

I got a real surprise when I found that my regular Philips Tea & Coffee shop had closed down. But I was equally surprised with the different varieties available online! And the whole of November was spent in trying out the different flavours from The Flying Squirrel.

So all in all, November was a lovely, busy month that went by in the blink of an eye.

How was your November ?


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  1. A very different Diwali I bet. I like the idea if transformers rangoli. Kids these days, adore them really. Wow, you made a pumpkin pie, I bet I am only good at eating everything. ? Happy December ?

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